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Which is Right for Your Bedroom: Carpet or Vinyl Plank?

June 8, 2017 at midnight

Design choices can be deeply personal. Within a home, certain rooms may take on added significance. Bedrooms are a prime example. They’re your home-within-a-home and a restorative retreat that prepares you for the outside world.

When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom, you may think first of finding the ideal mattress or pillow. But don’t forget to look down. The flooring you choose for your bedroom can impact more than just aesthetics. It can affect your health and home-care routine, too.

It’s easy to create a laundry list of the pros and cons for either choice. For a deeper understanding, however, try asking yourself these questions:

Do you need your bedroom to stay sparkling clean?

Vinyl plank flooring—as well as hardwoods and tile—will quickly make you aware of every stray hair or dust bunny. A golden retriever or indoor-outdoor gardening shoes may compound the cleaning challenge. If the sight of footprints or crumbs sends you running for a vacuum, you may want to reconsider the selection of vinyl plank flooring.

At the same time, vinyl plank is considered a better choice for true cleanliness. Carpet may look cleaner for longer periods, but it can also hide dirt and allergens. If you’re sensitive to dust or pet dander, vinyl plank will help you keep a more sanitary bedroom—even if it means more frequent sweeping.

Do you need your bedroom to be a cozy sanctuary?

Carpet is usually the clear winner for a cozy bedroom feel. The comforting softness of carpet beneath your feet is welcome on a wintry morning. Similarly, carpet’s noise dampening abilities mean that voices will be softer and footsteps less intrusive. This is especially helpful if you share your bedroom with someone who operates on a different evening schedule.

If visual appeal remains preeminent, vinyl plank may still be the right choice. It’s tough to beat the rich wood tones of vinyl plank flooring, which can mimic hardwoods with astounding accuracy. Floating vinyl plank floors are also quiet and easy on your feet, but they won’t be able to match the cushioned feel of padded carpet.

Do you need your bedroom to be all of the above?

Do you really have to choose either carpet or vinyl plank? Perhaps not. A divided room that has carpet for some portions and vinyl plank for others can achieve the best of both worlds.

If you’re considering this third option, deploy a blended flooring solution strategically. Use vinyl plank for immediate visual impact upon entering. Keep carpet below the bed for soft-and-safe entry and exit.

Exactly how much of the room should be carpeted is up to you. By focusing on the benefits rather than the features, you’re more likely to end up with the flooring that ensures your bedroom becomes the sanctuary you crave.



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