We need to hold our government representatives accountable

June 19, 2017 at 6:21 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I think most of the recent commentary on "Pepper" is missing the point. Marlin Wayne Adams, aka Pepper, is mentally ill. His mental illness was untreated when he committed his crime. Lupe Sandoval was the victim of Adams' crime.

The point I'm making is that they are both victims. Adams, of our inadequate mental health care system, and Sandoval as well. If Adams were institutionalized or even supervised as to taking his medications, making his doctor's appointments, etc., it is likely he would not have committed his crime and Sandoval would not have been victimized.

Instead of ranting on about evil Pepper, we should be holding the true perpetrators responsible for this crime - our elected representatives and the big donors that keep them in office. The Legislature of the State of Texas has the ability to access the resources needed to solve this and many other pressing problems in our state, but because of their faulty conservative/libertarian ideological reasons, they refuse to do so.

So let's hold them responsible at the ballot box for the crimes they commit against us and people like Mr. Sandoval and Mr. Adams. It's time to vote out the GOP - "God's Own Plutocrats" - and restore power to the citizens of the State of Texas!

Allen T. Coffey, Victoria



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