Thumbs-up, thumbs-down; it's your choice

June 23, 2017 at 3:42 p.m.


Thumbs-up to board games. They can provide opportunities for mental stimulation and socialization and just good fun. Board games can bridge generations and make good background for conversations between varying ages. Sure, single player games can be entertaining and absorbing. However, old-fashioned board games played with friends can also be an enjoyable and beneficial experience. So, here's to chess, checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble and other favorites.

Ann, Victoria

Thumbs-up to the Victoria Advocate's sports reporter Mike Forman for receiving the Fred Hartman Excellence in Sports Writing Award for covering the Coastal Bend area. Congratulations.

Russell, Port Lavaca

Thumbs-up for Allen Novosad's June 17 letter to the editor, "Radical socialists' activities are form of corruption," and for Bobby D. Whitefield's June 21 letter, "People should put time, energy into fixing America."

Truth needs to continue to be proclaimed, and thanks to these men for doing just that.

John, Point Comfort

Thumbs-up to savings accounts for children and teens. Being thrifty and having goals are good habits to form while young. Once savings have been accumulated, they can be spent on something of lasting value or they can be invested. There are mutual funds of low cost and low risk that have better rates of return than savings accounts. Money management is a skill worth learning.

Ann, Victoria


Thumbs-down to bringing dogs to events where there are lots of people, activity, noise, etc., that the dogs are not used to.

Thursday night at the Coor's street dance downtown was really good. However, I got to experience an unprovoked dog bite right in front of me. A couple brought their pit bull, and a gentleman sitting right behind them walked past and got bit on the arm and leg.

The victim was outraged but held his cool. Before I could locate an officer, the couple and their dog were quickly gone.

I guess the moral to my story is - why do people have to bring their dogs into an atmosphere they are not familiar with? Especially big dogs. There were little babies all over the place.

Kudos to the gentleman for not losing it and starting a fight.

Tommy, Victoria

Thumbs-down to the city of Victoria for not providing shelters at each of the pickup spot for citizens who use the transit system.

How expensive can it be to provide a bench and cover? I would encourage whoever is in charge of allocating the funds to ride the transit around our city and see for themselves just how hot the sun is when standing by the road waiting for a ride - not to mention in the rain.

Sheri, Victoria

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