State legislators shouldn't be blamed for challenges of mental illness

June 24, 2017 at 2:21 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

This letter is in response to Allen T. Coffey's June 20 letter-to-the-editor, "We need to hold our legislators to account," regarding "Pepper" Adams.

Most people in Victoria are aware of "Pepper" Adams' existence because he and his life have been made public knowledge, somewhat, by the celebrity treatment he has received for years by the community via the Victoria Advocate. One such instance comes to mind - when, years ago, he got a front page photo and story when a dog "attacked" him.

"Pepper" Adams' brain injuries occurred after an altercation with authorities during an arrest. Mostly, he is unpredictable, somewhat like a storm; you never know when it may turn on you.

Mental illness is not a disease isolated only to the state of Texas, nor should the state legislature or its representatives be singled out as the culprits to be blamed. Consider this: Dementia and Alzheimer's are terrible deteriorations of the major part of the brain that controls memory. Who do you blame for this? God?

Lynette Brown, Victoria



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