Candidates fill regional ballots for May 6 election

March 10, 2017 at 11:12 p.m.
Updated March 11, 2017 at 6 a.m.

Victoria County voters will not have any elections to decide May 6, but residents of other Crossroads counties will have ballots to cast.

The only scheduled election in Victoria County was for two seats on the Victoria School board. But, the election was canceled Thursday after incumbents Tami Keeling and Lou Svetlik were unopposed in their re-election bids.

The city of Victoria and Victoria College board of directors did not have an election scheduled for this year.

"It's an off-year for elections in the city of Victoria," said April Hilbrich, Victoria's city secretary. "But of course, we'd have a special election if a council member or mayor resigned."

Below is a list of candidates and elections set in the Crossroads.

Calhoun County

Port Lavaca City Council - District 1, Jerry Dean Smith, 54, electrical technician III, incumbent. District 3, Jan Regan, 71, of Port Lavaca, Realtor. Since both candidates are unopposed, the city of Port Lavaca is expected to cancel its election at the March 13 city council meeting.

Calhoun School Board - District 1, Jesse Briseno Jr., 71, of Port Lavaca, retired, and Victor Robles, 38, of Port Lavaca, instrument inspector. District 2, Joe Manuel Ortiz, 48, of Port Lavaca, electrical technician, incumbent, and William Edward Campbell, 70, of Port Lavaca, retired. District 6, Janie Delgado, 66, of Port Lavaca, retired, incumbent, and John Martin Foester, 48, of Port Lavaca, geologist/rancher.

Seadrift City Council - At-large, three to be elected, June Cantrell, 76, a pastor for a Methodist church in Seadrift, and Geoffrey Hunt, 33, a captain, both incumbents; Kenneth Reese, 70, retired.

Election was canceled March 7.

Point Comfort City Council - At-large, three to be elected, Wesley McKelvy, 28, a Calhoun County Sheriff's Office deputy; Carey Knuepper, 52, self-employed; Michael Mang, 58, surveyor; Linda Brush, 71, retired, incumbent; and Kelli Hilsher Hines, 54, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office dispatcher.

Port O'Connor Improvement District - No election is planned this year.

DeWitt County

Cuero City Council - District 1, John Fuqua, 69, sales representative. District 4, Roy Johnson, 78, retired. At-Large, two to be elected, W.T. "Tony" Allen, 72, retired, and William "Bill" Matthys, 71, retired. All are incumbents.

Cuero School board - District 3, Beverly Kuecker, 56, local business owner.

District 4, Courtney Moore, 44, local bus owner. Both are incumbents. Election canceled.

Cuero Medical District - Cindy Sheppard, 59, lawyer, incumbent. Election canceled.

Yoakum City Council - Place 1, Carl O'Neill, 65, retired. Place 2, Tim McCoy, 46, marketing manager for Hochheim Prairie Insurance. Place 3, Annie Rodriguez, 69, insurance adjustor. All are incumbents. Election to be canceled.

Yoakum School Board - At-large, four to be elected, Gary Coleman, 62, rancher; Darlene Renken, 62, banker; John Braden, 59, dentist; and Rodney Svec, 39, engineer. All are incumbents. Election to be canceled.

Yoakum Hospital District - Two to be elected, director, Linda Schmidt, 59, Hochheim Prairie Insurance; Marlin Kuenstler, 75, retired. Both are incumbents. Special election for the one-year unexpired term of director, Clay Hermann, 33, banker, incumbent.

Yorktown City Council - Mayor, Rene Hernandez, machinist. Council, 2 to be elected, Manuel Serrano and William "Bill" Baker. All are incumbents. Election was canceled.

Yorktown School Board - At-large, four to be elected, Randy Franke, self-employed, incumbent; Tony Longoria, tire salesman; Mark Niemeier, agriculture and mechanic; Jody Hall, registered nurse; Nelda Sertuche, incumbent; and Danette Respondek, stay-at-home mother, incumbent.

Nordheim City Council - Mayor, Katherine Payne, 80, retired, incumbent; council, Roberta Hale, nurse; and Larry Baucum, retired. All three are incumbents.

Nordheim school board - At-large, two to be elected, Glenn Mueller, 72, rancher, incumbent. Incumbent Kay Klaevemann did not seek re-election.

Goliad County

Goliad City Council - At-large, three to be elected, Luis J. Rodriguez, 63, accountant, incumbent; Brenda L. Moses, 49, bookkeeper, incumbent; Robin Alaniz, 57, nurse consultant, incumbent; Jason Moses, 43, American Electric Power employee; Charles "Chuck" Benavides, 51, chemical salesman; and Mary T. Gleinser, 61, registered nurse.

Goliad School Board - Place 1, Carlos Gutierrez, 59, incumbent, Invista employee, and Don Lee Gonzalez, 49, Marathon Oil employee. Place 2, Robert De La Garza, 50, barber, incumbent. Place 4, Destry Gruetzmacher, 48, oil field industry employee, incumbent. Election for Places 2 and 4 are canceled.

Jackson County

Edna City Council - Mayor, Joe D. Hermes. District 1, Doug Kelley. District 2, Wayne Callis. All are incumbents. Election canceled.

Edna School Board - Donnie Mac Long, 46, process specialist, incumbent; Toby Ressman, 44, safety manager. Incumbent Alfred Rosa did not seek re-election. Election canceled.

Ganado City Council - Robin Bauerle, 84, retired; Blake Petrash, 32, office manager; Calvin Callies, 54, truck driver. All are incumbents. Election canceled.

Ganado School Board - two to be elected, Jamie Bures, 38, self-employed farmer and attorney, incumbent; and Christopher Hajovsky, 37, self-employed farmer. Michael Luera did not seek re-election. Election canceled.

LaWard City Council - two to be elected, aldermen, Cloe Sanchez and Chris Williams. Both are incumbents. Election canceled.

Lavaca County

Hallettsville City Council - Mayor, Stephen Hunter, 63, school bus driver; Gordon Clark, 66, rancher; incumbent Warren Grindeland did not seek re-election. Place 2, Audrey Barrera, 48, Lavaca County deputy clerk; incumbent Gene Chandler did not seek re-election. Place 5, Cindy Renken, 59, insurance and real estate agent, incumbent; Mark Hartig, 60, property manager. All of Hallettsville.

Hallettsville School Board - Place 6, Robert Lundy, 46, financial advisor, incumbent. Place 7, Chris Ranly, 35, technical sales for oil and gas, incumbent. All of Hallettsville. Election canceled.

Shiner City Council - Mayor, Fred Henry Hilscher, 59, banker, incumbent. At-large, David Schroder, 47, nurse, incumbent; Gregory Murrile, 45, school administrator; incumbent Mark Jalufka did not seek re-election. All of Shiner. Election canceled.

Shiner School Board - Place 2, Tommy Schuette, 45, business owner, incumbent. Place 4, Andrew Schacherl, 70, retired, incumbent; Tenna Davis, 41, pharmacy technician. All of Shiner. Special election: $3.5 million bond proposal for construction of school buildings.

Moulton City Council - Mayor, Mark Zimmerman, 58, sheriff's deputy; incumbent Ervin Patek did not seek re-election. Place 1, Darryl Helfer, 31, carpenter; Diane Rothbauer, 53, dental office manager, incumbent. Place 2, Michael Ramirez, 32, painter; Lester Hohensee, 80, retired, incumbent. All of Moulton.

Moulton School Board - Place 4, Justin Anderle, 35, rancher; Kevin Pilat, 43, incumbent. Place 5, Donna Perez, 52, retired, incumbent. All of Moulton.

Refugio County

Refugio City Council - Mayor, Jeff Steele, 49, safety coordinator; Rene V. Cervantes, 65, self-employed, Wanda H. Dukes, 68, semi-retired, incumbent. Alderman, Place 1, Karen A. Watts, 62, dental assistant. Place 2, Leonard "Lenny" Anzaldua, 56, business development; Jennifer Ragle, 33, self-employed; and Rene Reyna, 52, self-employed.

Woodsboro City Council - Mayor, Elix Ortiz, 62, retired; Kay Roach, 44, unemployed; George Hernandez, 68, retired. Alderman, Place 1, Ralph Cisneros Jr., 73, retired, incumbent; Wayne Roberts, 41, natural gas supervisor; Jason "Nappy" Andrade, 31, unemployed. Place 2, Tony Avila, 67, retired. Debra Bolcik, 60, incumbent, beautician.

Refugio School Board - District 7, Ruben Garcia, 63, oilfield employee; Ethel Garza, 63, incumbent, cosmetologist.

Bayside City Council - Place 1, Trey W. Fricks, 49, teacher. Place 4, Sharon Scott, 74, retired. Place 5, Gloria Derrough, 74, retired. Special election for unexpired term in Place 2, Evelyn Barnes, 70, housewife. Election to be canceled.

Austwell City Council - Mayor pro-tem, Molly Grace Garcia, 52, incumbent. Election canceled.

Woodsboro School Board - Place 1, Ruby Martinez. Place 2, Robert L. Thomas. Election to be canceled.

Austwell-Tivoli ISD - Place 7, Butch Hopper, incumbent. Place 6, Melanie Brewer, an inspector at Ineos Nitriles, Incumbent Marilyn Pagel did not seek re-election. Election to be canceled.

Refugio County Memorial Hospital District - Three to be elected, Place 5, Jerry Lockett, retired, of Woodsboro; Place 6: Ronald Boerner, retired, of Refugio; Place 7: Kenneth Wright, retired, of Refugio. Election to be canceled.

Refugio County Water Control and Improvement District No. 2 - Place 2, Edward J. Ermis, 69, retired farmer and accountant. Place 4, Richard Piwetz, 70, retired Exxon employee, community leader. Election to be canceled.

The district is looking for Refugio County property owners living in the district who might be interested in serving. If interested, contact Dorothy Salch at 361-526-1761.



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