Stacy repeats as high roller

March 18, 2017 at 11:18 p.m.
Updated March 18, 2017 at 11:10 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate


Last week, Mike Stacy captured the weekly high honors in the Sugar & Spice League. This week, he topped all bowlers while competing in the Sundowner League. He posted the only 700 set for the week with individual games of 231, 245 and 238 for a 714 total. He also rolled a 653 in another league.

Looks like Stacy is heating up his game for the upcoming city tournament.

Senior bowler Gerald Brooks blasted the pins for a great individual high game of 258 contributing toward a 690 series in Over The Hill League for the second high total.

Other bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were Kim Blake (688), Randy Viveo (678), T.J. Mooney (667), Tom Crowe, with two nice sets of 657 and 655, Michael Conchola (650) and Ron Waterbury with a nice 252 high individual game.

Joanna McNary was high for the ladies while competing in the Sugar & Spice League. She posted a 215 high game and 561 set.

Tournament deadline

A reminder that the tournament entry deadline for the Women's and VUSBC Open is March 24. League bowlers, this is an opportunity to put your bowling skills to good use in the city tournaments. The tournament is based on handicap so that everyone has a chance win.


TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST PIN - UPS Women: L. Hempel 387; SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Women: R. Wortham 494; Men: M. Osteson 230-648; J. Cass 225-617; W. Matous 571; D. Johnson 563; B. Turek Jr. 552; S. Kenney 546; OVER THE HILL (tie) THE SENIORS and JUST FRIENDS Women: C. Goode 453: MEN; G. Brooks 258-690; T. Bennett 562; J. Cavazos 558; E. Fingers 207; MONDAY MIXED 1ST ALVA & THE CHIPMUNKS Women: D. Kerr 480; Men: R. Waterbury 252-626; P. Alva 595; J. Silgero 236-594; L. Hall 577; J. Holbert 573; J. Cooper 569; S. Dickinson 569; J. Stastny 246-568; V. Merkel 567; M. Mathieu 561; J. Guerra 233-552; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST HANG DAT ASS Women: J. McNary 215-561; S. Guinn 543; Men: K. Blake 247-688; R. Vivero 240-678; T. Crowe 245-655; M. Stacy 225-653; M. Conchola 238-642; B. Simmons 631; S. Zeplin 225-618; K. Schupbach 233-617; L. Conner 227-616; J. Tweedle 590; J. Silgero 584; B. Hilbig 247-570; T. Bennett 227-566; M. Wortham 225-551; CAPTAIN'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: L. Davidson 467; J. Brown 461; SUNDOWNERS 1ST SST Women: T. Mason 210-540; J. Sims 5528; J. McNary 524; O. Jackson 519; D. Gabrysch 513; Men: M. Stacy 245-714; T.J. Mooney 247-667; T. Crowe 234-657; M. Conchola 224-650; P. Delgado 244-638; G. Hatter Jr. 637; J. Silgero 610; S. Miller 232-598; G. Mason 591; S. Zeplin 590; S. Dickinson, 590; R. Bassano 584; C. Hammack 566; M. Unger 564; M. Michalec 563; L. Boyd 553; G. Brooks 227-550; B. Hammack 236; D. Loya 233; B. Beyer 225; SPRING NO TAP LEAGUE A. Whitehead 279-790; J. Blount 255-665.



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