Hatter Jr. ends season on high note

May 13, 2017 at 7:27 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Gary Hatter Jr. ended the 16-week season of the Spring Sunday Strikers with a big score and helped his team win the league.

Hatter Jr. rolled 25 strikes in the three games to post individual games of 227, 235 and 257 to total 719 and the only 700 series for the week.

Kenny Schupbach smashed the pins for the second highest total with a 256 game contributing toward a 681 in the Sugar & Spice League.

Mike Stacy had two good sets last week with scores of 257-676 and 669.

T.J. Mooney's 670 and Randy Vivero's 656 were the only other bowlers to break the 650 mark.

JoAnna McNary led the women in the Sugar & Spice League.

She rolled games of 202, 222 and 184 for a very nice 608 series. She also posted a 212-559 in another league.

Sharon Guinn bowled a very nice 236 high game on her way to a 574 total. Trudy Wortham's 210-554 was third highest.

Youth Bowling Camp

There is a sign-up book at the Century Lanes desk for the Youth Bowling Camp, which will be held from 10 a.m. to noon July 15-22.

The camp will offer free bowling instructions for participants ages 8-18. Participants who attend the first weekend will be given advanced tutoring the second weekend.

PBA Tour

On the PBA tour, defending team champions Dallas Strikers, led by captain Norm Duke, advanced to this Sunday's Elias Cup finals by sweeping two games from the Silver Lake Atom Splitters.

The Portland Lumberjacks, with anchor Wes Malott, won a one ball roll-off after splitting the first two games against the Philadelphia Hitmen. Hitmen anchor Jesper Svensson just needed a mark in the 10th frame of the second game to win for the sweep but the lefthander left a 3-7 split. To his credit, the three-pin flew around the 7-pin on a bad break.

In the one ball roll-off, Malott and Hitmen's Tom Daugherty both struck and left it up to Svensson and Ryan Ciminelle. After Svensson scored nine on a light hit, Ciminelle won the match with a solid strike.

The Lumberjacks and Strikers will face each other at noon on ESPN on Sunday for the Elias Cup title.

Bowler remembered

It is with sorrow that I note of another former bowler who passed away.

Larry K. Newman died April 27. Private services were held by the family.

Larry Newman and Joe Newsom, both DuPont employees at the time, partnered to buy the Woodlawn Bowling Center from Paul Baker in 1969. Their wives, Billie Newman and Peggy Newsom, were instrumental in helping to manage the center when their husbands were working.

When Joe moved out of town, Larry and Billie ran the Woodlawn until Marie and Pete Worsham bought the center in 1973-74.

I remember a road trip to the ABC Tournament in Knoxville, Tenn., with Larry, Felix Rivera, Truman King and Carlos Tyson in 1970. It was their first ABC Tournament and my second as we enjoyed competing in the biggest participatory sport in the world.

My condolence and sympathy to the family.

Texas USBC Open 2017

Top 10 standings

(Area bowlers)

Team: Div 3: Randy's Raiders 5th, Div 4: Stroud's Vending 6th Doubles: Div 3: A. Garcia-R. Lyman 2nd, All Events: Div 3: A. Garcia 6th.


TURKEY TROTTERS League Champions, LADY BUGS with members Kim Stine, Erica Moore, Laura Edmondson, and Linda Hempel. Women: L. Hempel 433; SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS League Champions, IT'S NOT MY FAULT with members Timmy Campbell, Tim Campbell, Eric Smith, Gary Hatter Jr. and Aaron Whitehead. Women: A. Hatmaker 428; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 257-719; M. Osterson 233-624; J. Cass 574; OVER THE HILL 1ST JUST FRIENDS Women: C. Wilson 503; Men: A. Garcia 571; G. Brooks 206-538; R. Estrada 531; T. Bennett 217-517; E. Fingers 513; S. Gritta 507; J. Cavazos 216; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (tie) HANG DAT ASS and WANNA BEES Women: J. McNary 222-608; S. Guinn 236-574; T. Wortham 210-554; C. Speer 550; Men: K. Schupbach 256-681; M. Stacy 257-676; T.J. Mooney 257-676; R. Vivero 230-656; J. Talbott 224-636; M. Wortham 234-612; S. Zeplin 607; M. Osterson 225-598; P. Delgado 247-595; J. Wittenburg 593; B. Korczynski 588; M. Gschwind 225-586; K. Blake 586; L. Conner 577; J. Tweedle 567; S. Chambers 555; T. Bennett 551; T. Crowe 550; CAPTAINS League Champions, GIRLFRIENDS with members Bobbie Long, Linda Burrows, Dottie Edison, and JoAnn Bown Women: C. Goode 493; 2017 ROLLING THUNDER Women: J. McNary 212-559; S. Dixon 211-536; L. Hammack 517; N. Mergele 506; Men: M. Stacy 237-669; T.J. Mooney 224-617; S. Zeplin 616; M. Gshwind 233-613; S. Miller 611; T. Crowe 229-607; P. Delgado 243-600; M. Unger 598; S. Snow 584; J. Brooks 579; M. Hernandez 575; M. McDonald 571; S. Kocian 564; R. Rosas 556; E. Torres 234-556; M. Osterson 554; M. Mathieu 553; E. Smith 553;SPRING NOT TAP League Champions, SLAP HANDS with members Joe Blount, Sarah Dotras, Melvin Shows, and Aaron Whitehead Women: L. Compton Men: M. Redding 257-712; S. Turek Sr. 256-668; A. Whitehead 255-660.



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