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Five Home Improvement Projects to Get Done Before Thanksgiving

Nov. 1, 2017 at midnight

There are so many ways to make guests feel at home over the holidays, but did you realize there are some simple home improvement and remodeling projects can be done in a wink and well before your guests arrive? From putting down new flooring to sprucing up a guest bath, these five projects will be the talk of the Thanksgiving table – and we all need something to discuss other than politics!

  1. Create a spa-like guest suite. Make your holiday guests feel right at home by updating your guest suite and giving it luxury appeal. The great news is that with a little elbow grease, you can transform your space in a weekend. Begin by repainting walls in a soft, relaxing hue. With minimal plumbing knowledge, do-it-yourselfers can swop a basic faucet for something more stylish in an afternoon. Replacing a dated and tired-looking floor with tiles or luxurious vinyl planking is a more involved remodeling project, but still easily accomplishable before the big weekend. For finishing touches, add spa-like indulgences that guests aren’t likely to splurge for themselves – like super-absorbent, hotel- quality towels and sheets, luxury bath products and plush bath mats.
  2. Install new flooring. One of the easiest and quickest home improvement projects you can tackle that provides a great impact is replacing old flooring. Whether you’re adding tile to a kitchen or bathroom, replacing carpeting in bedrooms, laying down hardwood flooring in living areas, or opting for practical vinyl plank flooring, a professional contractor can tear out existing flooring and replace it with new in less than a week — depending on the scope of your project. Plus, your family can enjoy the benefits for years to come.
  3. Brighten your exterior. Outdoor lighting not only adds curb appeal, but the extra luminosity also makes your home much safer for visitors - and less of a target for thieves. Start by updating front porch fixtures and fans; then, if your budget allows, add LED lighting along driveways and sidewalks as an energy- efficient way of lighting the way for guests. (There are solar options available for homeowners who don’t want to tackle electrical projects on their own.) Motion sensing lighting near garages and driveways also make homes look and feel safer.
  4. Gear up for family meals. With all the entertaining that Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays inevitably bring, switching out appliances before the rush has multiple benefits. First, delivery and installation times are likely to be faster before the Black Friday rush. You’ll also actually be able to use – and get used to - your new appliances well before Thanksgiving dinner, so there won't be surprises or disappointments on the big day.
  5. Get your home up to date with the times. Even with all the talk we’re likely to hear about getting unplugged for the holidays, you know that guests will arrive with smartphones, tablets, notepads, and games in hand. If you’ve been complaining about slow connection speeds, now is the time to reach out to internet providers and get new lines, Wi-Fi routers and the like up and running before your guests arrive. It’s safe to assume that guests will forget chargers, so a wireless charging station will put their minds at rest. At the same time, consider your entertainment services. Ensure both your main and secondary TVs are set up with the services your guests are likely to want. Consider adding a sound bar or a speaker system to TVs in main living areas where folks will gather to watch football games.

With just a little planning and forward-thinking, you can tackle these home improvement projects now and make your home a wonderful retreat for your guests at Thanksgiving – and for your family all year long!



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