Are mass killings part of our new normal?

Nov. 13, 2017 at 4:36 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Gun control will continue to be a topic of great concern, and advocates of their control will again be heard after the recent mass shooting in South Central Texas.

Bombs, vehicle slaughter and guns in general are the main devices used by those who decide to cause maximum loss of life in a short period of time. Our president has now said that the shooting is not a gun issue but rather an issue of mental health concerns.

My concern is across the nation and the world, guns are a major tool of choice to carry out these deeds of violence. We as Americans are the most armed civilians in the world. I am not taking a side other than to say I'm concerned about the easy availability of assault rifles that are not only semi-automatic but also have a capacity to discharge 20-plus rounds. These weapons cannot be used for hunting, and a pistol or other small arms are designed for home defense. These high capacity weapons are designed for military use to put enough lead in the air to intimidate and kill approaching enemies.

There is a high percentage of mentally ill folks across the land. We continue to arm the ones who are bent on destruction. Mental illness is not the only reason of cause. Hate and disparity are also a driving force. Our country, and indeed the world, has had and will continue to have those driven by these forces to prey upon innocent people.

The world has become a stage for terror. It has become a fact of life that this is the modern era in the development of mankind and is the normal of our times.

Donald Cook, Port Lavaca



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