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6 Essentials for Deer Hunting from a Stand

Nov. 17, 2017 at noon
Updated Nov. 17, 2017 at noon

It's deer season again! For many of us that brings long days spent waiting in our tree stands, often dealing with cold temperatures, bug bites, and boredom. Here are 6 tips for a more enjoyable and successful day in your deer stand.

1. Noise Check

Visit your stand before your first hunt with WD40, athletic tape, and a few basic tools like a screwdriver and pliers. Climb in and out of the stand, sit up and down, walk around as much as you’re able, and practice any other movements you’re likely to do while hunting. Listen for any squeaks and other noises your stand makes and eliminate them. Tighten down what you can with a screwdriver or pliers, wrap noisy metal pieces in athletic tape, and use WD40 on any clips, chains, or other areas where two metal parts interact. Also consider laying down an outdoor rug to eliminate boots squeaking on a metal floor, especially when wet.

2. Portable mosquito repellant device

Portable mosquito repellant devices such as those made by Thermacell offer a silent and odorless way to keep obnoxious insects at bay. These devices work by heating a small pad soaked in insect repellant, releasing the repellant into the air. If you’re hunting in a mosquito prone area, these are a must-have accessory that negate the need for smelly insect repellants.

3. External battery for cell phone

There are few bigger buzzkills than a dead cell phone. If, like a lot of people, you default to passing time on your phone, you’ll know how quickly your phone’s battery can die, leaving you utterly alone and isolated from everything you hold dear. But seriously, if you’re hunting in an area with cell phone signal and plan to use your phone should an emergency arise, bring along an external battery and a power cord. There is a wide range of external batteries for cell phones out there, some with multiple USB outlets, so find one that works for you and whoever you plan on hunting with. Just be sure the external battery is fully charged before heading out!

4. Ozone generator

Scent control is perhaps the most important part of deer hunting. It doesn’t matter how perfect the spot you’ve chosen may look; if nearby deer can smell you, there’s little chance you’ll get a shot at one. Ozone generators range widely in price, ozone output, and noise, so spend a little time to find one that suits your needs. Depending on who you ask an ozone generator can eliminate the need to worry about keeping downwind, allowing you to stay put even if the weather changes on you.

5. Bottle for urinating

Let’s be real for a moment. At least once during a long day in a deer stand you’ll feel the call of the wild. Any drink bottle will work, though water or soda bottles tend to be the easiest to acquire. Just make sure it’s big enough for at least one bladder’s worth! A 24 fluid ounce bottle should prove sufficient. And ladies, a simple kitchen funnel can allow you to use a bottle as well, or for just a little more try an FUD—a Female Urinary Device, which is essentially a more ergonomic funnel that will allow you to pee with ease while standing up.

6. Toe and hand warmers

Sitting still for long hours can make keeping warm a challenge. Toe warmers designed to stick to your socks can make the difference between a miserable time cut short by cold and a pleasant day outdoors. Just be sure to give them a minute to start heating up before putting your boots on. Hand warmers can prove invaluable as well, and they’re not just for hands either. Hold one to your nose or ears for a minute or two if they get cold, and put them in your armpits if it’s especially chilly out. You can even sit on them if you’re feeling cold down there. Just be sure to follow all safety instructions and don’t leave them in one place too long.



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