Historic Homes of Victoria, Texas

Nov. 18, 2017 at 8 p.m.
Updated Nov. 19, 2017 at 1 a.m.

Cover of  Landmark Publication's "Historic Homes of Victoria, Texas."

Cover of Landmark Publication's "Historic Homes of Victoria, Texas."   CONTRIBUTED PHOTO for The Victoria Advocate

Jim Cole

Typically, Vanished from Victoria presents businesses, public buildings, homes and other elements of our city that we once had but have vanished as the years and the decades have rolled by.

But there's a lot of old Victoria that remains, and we can all be proud of what is still with us.

Among our historic buildings that have survived are numerous historic homes that are not only still standing but have been lovingly restored and meticulously maintained.

Their presence today serves not only as a monument to the commitment and dedication of their owners to historic preservation, but they also demonstrate what is dear to many of us - a reverence for our history.

And it is with this reverence in mind that Victoria Preservation, Inc. is proud to announce that its Landmark Publication, "Historic Homes of Victoria, Texas," will be available Dec. 8.

"Historic Homes of Victoria, Texas" is a celebration not only of our past but also evidence of our confidence in our future.

As Jeff Wright, executive director of Victoria Preservation, Inc., remarked in a recent article, the publication of this remarkable book is the culmination of years of research and planning.

It features not only the lush and outstanding contemporary photography of Kevin Jordan and Rich Gardner but also historic photographs mined from the archives of Victoria Preservation, Inc., the Victoria County Heritage Department, the Regional History Center at the UHV/VC Library and from personal collections.

Turning the pages of this outstanding publication allows the reader to travel through the decades of our past while marveling at the photography and studying the detailed histories. The book also presents many of the elements of our city that have, in fact, vanished from Victoria.

The book will be available for purchase after Dec. 8 at the offices of Victoria Preservation, Inc., 205 W. Goodwin St. You can reserve your copy now by calling VPI at 361-573-1878.

"Historic Homes of Victoria, Texas" will make an excellent Christmas gift for your favorite history lover.

Jim Cole, a retired civil engineer, is a Victoria Preservation Inc. board member. He can be reached via email, jim@colemines.com at jim@colemines.com.



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