Schupbach edges Cano for top series

Oct. 7, 2017 at 9:42 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Kenny Schupbach was able to sneak by Jerry Cano in the Monday Mixed League to earn the weekly high series honors.

They had a three game series that paralleled each other with both having two open frames in the three games and both having single pin misses in a string of strikes in the third game that prevented a bigger game and set.

Schupbach rolled individual games of 215, 244, and 246 for a 705 total.

Cano started with a big 265 first game and added a 223 and 213 for a 701 set to continue his great bowling this season.

Mike Stacy posted the third high score with a 246 high game contributing towards a 690 series in the Sugar & Spice League.

Other bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were T.J. Mooney (665), Pablo Delgado (278-664), Lindy Conner (265-662), Steve Dickinson (661), Tom Crowe (654), Larry Hall (652), Sterling Kocian (650), Steve Zeplin (259), Glenn Mason (258), and Mark McDonald (257).

Olivia Jackson was high during Sundowner League action to post the high series for the women.

She rolled individual games of 223, 187, and 210 for a 620 series. Jackson also posted a 586 set in another league.

Lori Hammack tied Jackson for the second high set with a nice 586 total.

Other nice scores for the women were by Ida Caballero 571 and Linda Cooper 221-565.

Williams wins 105th PBA title

PBA hall of famer Walter Ray Williams won his 105th PBA title and celebrated his 58th birthday 6 days later.

Over a 37 year PBA career, Williams has won 47 PBA Tour titles, 32 PBA Regional, 11 PBA50 Tour and 15 PBA50 Regional titles.

Williams and many others still consider Left hander Earl Anthony as the greatest PBA Tour bowler ever with 43 PBA Tour titles and 6 time PBA Player of the Year awards in a 14 year career cut short by his accidental death.


OVER THE HILL 1ST PIN BUSTERS Women: C. Guerra 465; G. Billo 459; D. Cooley 451; Men: A. Garcia 215-560; B. Alex 223-543; M. Almendarez 529; R. Estrada 518; MONDAY MIXED 1ST ON A ROLL Women: B. Cowan 455; Men: K. Schupbach 246-705; J. Cano 265-701; S. Dickinson 661; L. Hall 652; S. Kocian 650; T. Williams 648; T. Bennett 643; D. Kern 623; D. Flounders 593; D. Marques 588; R. Vivero 577; R. Martinez 576; R. Marques 570; B. Redding 562; R. Barnette 554; M. Redding 552; R. Lyman 550; J. Cooper 550; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST WANNA BEES Women: O. Jackson 207-586; L. Cooper 221-565; C. Speer 547; P. Robles 523; T. Wortham 515; J. Reyna 514; Men: M. Stacy 246-690; T.J. Mooney 238-665; P. Delgado 278-664; L. Conner 265-662; S. Zeplin 259-634; M. Michalec 245-624; J. Tweedle 596; L. Hall 227-594; C. Aiken 580; D. Padgett 570; J. Cass 556; J. Godina 551; CAPTAIN'S 1ST TROUBLE & COMPANY Women: J. Brown 475; B. Mathiews 472; SUNDOWNERS 1ST FULL HOUSE Women: O. Jackson 223-620; L. Hammack 202-586; I. Caballero 571; E. Fuhrman 211-530; Men: T. Crowe 236-654; J. Matson 244-646; S. Dickinson 645; B. Hammack 622; D. Richards 235-620; S. Zeplin 240-619; L. Fuhrman 617; M. Stacy 232-615; D. Reissig 611; T.J. Mooney 227-610; G. Mason 258-603; R. Ellis 596; G. Brooks 235-591; T. Bennett 226-589; L. Conner 225-589; M. McDonald 257-583; T. Williams 226-583; A. Flores 579; J. Tweedle 576; M. Michalec 572; M. Osterson 565; T. Bennett 565; G. Hatter jr. 564; S. Snow 559; J. Cano 558; W. Jackson 556; P. Delgado 551; H. Ramirez 234.



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