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Five Reasons to Get New Flooring Before the Holidays

Oct. 18, 2017 at midnight

Is new flooring on your holiday wish list this year? Regardless of whether you’re considering classic hardwood flooring, durable vinyl plank, or plush new carpet, there are many reasons to take the plunge before the holidays.

  1. You want your home to look its best. During the holidays, we spend so much time working to get our homes in shape for family and friends, yet few of those improvements are designed to last past the final New Year’s toast. Unlike temporary decorations, new flooring updates the appearance and the feel of a home, making it welcoming and appealing for both your holiday guests and your family.
  2. Messes happen over the holidays. With all those holiday parties, and all those extra people bundled into your home, it’s a relative certainty that spills will happen. With the inherent stain protection built in to new carpet, vinyl plank flooring, and the protective finish of new hardwood flooring, an updated floor is considerably more resilient; spilled beverages and food are far less likely to stain and damage it. New flooring won't have issues like cracks and scuff marks that inevitably accompany aging floors. (Plus, you can skip renting that annoying and much too heavy do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine this holiday season!)
  3. Tackle your project now – and enjoy it later. Unlike many home remodeling projects, new flooring can be in place in a matter of days, not weeks or months. That means if you contact a flooring contractor now, you can be enjoying your new floors well in advance of the holidays. Even folks who want to tackle their own hardwood or vinyl plank flooring installation will find that new materials make for a simpler and easier job that won't require more than a week to complete.
  4. It’s healthier as you head into prime allergy season. There are lots of things that can aggravate allergies over the holidays, from holly to fir trees to dander from visiting family pets. There are also fewer things that trap those holiday allergens better than aging carpet or cracked vinyl flooring. If family members or guests are plagued by chronic allergies, there’s no better way to ease their discomfort than by replacing worn carpets and dilapidated flooring.
  5. It’s a gift for your family that keeps on giving. New flooring is more than a passing gift; it’s an investment in your family’s comfort. While many of the things we do to prepare our homes for the holidays – like decking the halls and putting up a Christmas tree - are temporary at best, home improvement projects like the installation of new flooring will last for many years to come. This makes them a worthwhile investment that even the most practical of Santa’s helpers will feel jolly about!



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