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A Cost-Effective, Environmental Remodel: Four reasons to choose granite remnants for your countertops.

Sept. 8, 2017 at midnight

Granite continues to be a popular choice for counters and surfaces in contemporary home renovation. The natural material has an effortlessly polished, elegant appearance that looks clean and takes very little maintenance. Due to its hard, heat- and scratch-resistant surface, it can continue to look brand new for years after being installed. With so many different colors and styles to choose from, granite can give your kitchen or bathroom a really unique look to complement your style. The cost of granite does give many potential customers pause, however; it may at first seem considerably more expensive than other surface materials. That said—have you considered granite remnants?

Here are a few reasons to consider granite remnants for your remodel:

Granite remnants are less expensive. Typically, a manufacturer purchases a whole slab of granite when producing counters or other objects but then returns the unused pieces. These unused, leftover chunks can then be resold at a deep discount. Though they may be smaller or oddly shaped, they make excellent bathroom counters or smaller kitchen counters.

They are environmentally friendly. Granite remnants are an environmentally sound way to add the elegance of granite to your home using recycled materials. By using leftover materials, you can keep building materials out of landfills and reduce the energy footprint of your remodel.

They are as colorful and versatile as larger slabs. Similar to regular granite slabs, granite remnants can come in many different colors and patterns. Because they are scrap pieces, it’s best to go with them if you have some flexibility with color and pattern. However, almost all granite slabs are in fairly neutral colors that work with a host of different decors, so finding a remnant piece that will work for you is very likely.

They can be put together with other remnants to make patterned tiles or an overlay. For customers who want a creative, dynamic look, granite remnants work really well as tiles that make for excellent backsplashes or fireplace tiles. Moreover, they can make excellent flooring tiles for patios, paths, hallways, or accents. If you’re interested in making a counter overlay, granite remnants can also be crushed and blended together for a unique look.

Whether you are looking for tiles or larger pieces, make sure to use a reputable, local source for your remnants. Not only can local distributors get you some of the best deals, but professionals will know how to cut, polish, and detail granite remnants correctly. For example, if you are interested in having a beveled edge, local sources will help you find the tools and know-how to make that happen. They can cut to fit and get the best use out of your new material.



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