What is the definition of an American?

Sept. 13, 2017 at 5:06 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

What we are witnessing today is a divided nation that questions the definition of a true/real American. Our nation started with immigrants from other countries who were seeking a better life and freedom from tyranny and religious persecution. As immigrants continued to migrate to our nation, it became essential that same be assimilated into the American culture - "the American Melting Pot." This was the "glue" that kept our nation of immigrants together/unified. If we had allowed multiculturalism, our nation would never have achieved greatness and possibly not even exist today.

Today, however, many immigrants try to avoid assimilation by resisting our American culture, our laws and learning the English language. In addition, many immigrants enter our nation illegally and many are uneducated with limited work skills.

Additionally, we have socialist radicals who no longer represent a true/real American.

These social radicals and power brokers who support same want to change our system of government. Their method of achieving their goal is based on the concept of divide and conquer. They will use every nefarious method/action to accomplish their goal.

It is a shame it took Hurricane Harvey to remind people we are all the same and equal.

Those who watched TV witnessed people of all races, religions, political groups, news outlets, etc., putting aside negative issues and working together side by side to save lives and assist in community restoration. These people were the embodiment of the true American spirit and represented a social perspective we should all emulate.

The basic question still remains - what is the definition of an American? Although there are many definitions of an American, my version is based on the definition of a true/real American. An American is less about who you are and rather more what you are about, as follows: allegiance to the flag, legal citizen, supporter of the Constitution, supporter of our system of government and legal system, believe in the ultimate personal and religious freedom and against all who oppose the above.

Allen J. Novosad, Edna



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