Dickinson consistent in producing top score

Sept. 16, 2017 at 9:42 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Steve Dickinson had only one open in the three games during Sundowner League play to garner the top score for the week.

A split open in the 6th frame of the third game was the only blemish in the series that produced a 700 total on individual games of 246, 243, and 211.

Tom Crowe rolled the second high total during Sugar & Spice competition with a 259 high game contributing towards a 686 set.

Other bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were Mike Stacy (258-680), T.J. Mooney 259-673), Justin Tweedle (249-669), Tamarcus Bennett (665), and Waylon Kern (657).

Christine Speer was high for the ladies with a 203 high game helping towards a 585 series during Sugar & Spice League play.

Deborah Kern with a 220 high individual and Pat Robles with a 211 also made the list.

Friendly reminder

A reminder to local bowlers who are participating in the Corpus Christi Amistad Tournament, that it will be held locally at the Century Lanes on September 30 and October 1.

Now that the PWBA 2017 season is over, Liz Johnson was named the PWBA Player of the year for the 3rd consecutive year. She won three PWBA titles this season, including two Majors and was the top money and points earner for the year. Johnson won the PWBA Players Championship and her fourth consecutive U.S. Women's Open.

Pasak receives reward

Poland's Daria Pasak was named the PWBA Rookie of the year by winning the Greater Detroit Open for her first PWBA title. She was a 2016 graduate of Webber International(Florida).

PBA Tour front celebrates anniversary

On the PBA Tour front, 2018 will be festive anniversary year as they celebrate their 60th year of competition. It was at 1958 ABC Masters that Don Carter and 33 of the most famous bowlers in the United States met with Ohio lawyer and sports promoter Eddie Elias to and agreed to support a new professional bowling organization.

Carter was the most dominating bowler in the 1950's and early 1960's and it was his strong support and encouragement that led to the founding of the PBA Tour.

Among a variety of special tributes will be the unveiling of the "60 most memorable moments in PBA history" as a part of PBA's ESPN television schedule beginning on February 4 and concluding on May 13, 2018. Houston's Jack Biondolillo's first nationally televised 300 game will be among those featured.


CUERO TROTTERS 1ST PIN UPS Women: L. Hempel 434; OVER THE HILL 1ST TEAM 11 Women: C. Guerra 474; Men: A. Garcia 209-605; M. Almendarez 527; MONDAY MIXED 1ST ON A ROLL Women: B. Cowan 504; D. Kern 220; Men: T. Bennett 237-665; W. Kern 232-657; R. Lyman 240-647; J. Cooper 637; J. Cano 233-622; S. Kocian 228-620; S. Dickinson 618; K. Schupbach 238-593; T. Byrne 232-592; T. Miller 582; S. DeLagarza 577; R. Vivero 226-575; T. Williams 563; A. Whitehead 562; B. Marquew 560; D. Rowe 558; R. Barnette 550; M. Redding 225; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST EN FUEGO Women: C. Speer 203-585; P. Robles 211-522; J. Reyna 521; O. Jackson 519; T. Wortham 505; Men: T. Crowe 259-686; J. Tweedle 249-669; M. Stacy 233-632; M. Wortham 228-623; T.J. Mooney 621; B. Jackson 231-615; L. Conner 594; T. Bennett 593; C. Aiken 580; L. Hall 579; S. Miller 575; K. Blake 234-573; J. Cass 559; S. Zeplin 553; P. Delgado 233-552; B. Hilbig 551; CAPTAIN'S 1ST PIN PALS Women: J. Brown 501; SUNDOWNERS 1ST (2 way tie) WHO and THAT'S A QUARTER Women: O. Jackson 506; Men: S. Dickinson 246-700; M. Stacy 258-680; T.J. Mooney 259-673; C. Aiken 234-646; M. Unger 237-643; L. Conner 635; C. Hammack 225-625; J. Tweedle 225-611; T. Bennett 234-610; G. Mason 224-602; W. Jackson 225-594; K. Stasny 591; R. Rendon 590; M. Conchola 588; M. Osterson 586; J. Flores 586; B. Hammack 580; G. Hatter Jr. 579; E. Smith 578; P. Delgado 577; R. Lyman 575; R. Vivero 570; D. Glass 556; M. Almendarez 556; L. Hall 233; J. Flores 229.



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