Snow captures top score

Sept. 23, 2017 at 9:45 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate


Scott Snow had a rugged start during the first game of Sundowner League play last Thursday night with a single pin miss and three splits open to finish with a 183 game. The second game he found a better strike line and rolled a very nice 245 and that propelled him to a great closing game of 265. A split open in the 8th frame was the only blemish in the last game that produced 11 strikes. The two big games allowed him to earn the weekly high series honors with a 693 total.

Competing in the same league, DoLee Knowlan posted a 248 high individual game on his way to a 690 series and second high.

T.J. Mooney and Lindy Conner each bowled two big sets with scores of 269-673/651 and 667/660 respectively.

Other bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were Jerry Cano (667), Steve Dickinson (665), Larry Hall (658), Bobby Marquez (651), and Tom Crowe who rolled an exceptional 273 high individual game on his way to a 649 total.

Christine Speer was consistent during Sundowner League action to produce individual games of 206, 200, and 223 to lead the women's effort with a very nice 629 series.

Olivia Jackson produced an outstanding 254 high game on her way to a 608 total during Sugar & Spice League play. She also rolled a 562 total for the third high women's score. Beka Cowan posed a nice 555 set.

Gutierrez and Schmidt going strong

With the Over The Hill senior league completing three weeks of play, we are happy to have our most senior male and female bowlers back for another year. Dan C. Gutierrez at the age of 95 and Doris L. Schmidt at the age of 87 are still going strong. Anytime I think I am getting old, I look at them and gain new enthusiasm.

Bowler remembered

A reminder to friends of Norman Watkins that a celebration of life service will be held Saturday at Colonial Funeral Home at 1:30 p.m. Norm passed away after a 4 year battle with cancer. Bowlers may remember him as the friendly man with the bright suspenders. I offer my condolences and sympathy to the family.

World Series of Bowling

The GEICO World Series of Bowling IX will kick off the 2017-18 Go Bowling PBA Tour schedule at the Reno Bowling stadium in November. So far there are 19 countries world wide that are represented. I am sure that there will be new faces that will make their mark in the coming season.


OVER THE HILL 1ST (tie) TEAM 11 and PINBUSTERS Women: J. Lambrecht 469; C. Goode 444; Men: A. Garcia 237-625; R. Estrada 224-579; A. Hempel 207-512; B. Alex 503; E. Lopez 202; MONDAY MIXED 1ST ON A ROLL Women: B. Cowan 204-555; J. Reyna 205-548; C. Nelson 515; Men: J. Cano 244-667; L. Hall 233-658; S. Kocian 246-634; R. Martinez 229-621; R. Vivero 225-604; J. Talbott 591; J. Cooper 590; S. Dickinson 238-584; L. Caballero 232-580; J. Wittenburg 246-578; R. Barnette 575; R. Lyman 569; B. Marquez 561; P. Alva 559; C. Tamayo 559; J. Martinez 550; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST EN FUEGO Women: O. Jackson 254-608; K. Miller 201-529; C. Speer 517; S. Guinn 509; Men: L. Conner 233-660; B. Marquez 244-651; T.J. Mooney 651; T. Crowe 273-649; M. Stacy 640; S. Miller 224-630; L. Hall 243-629; C. Aiken 611; J. Tweedle 609; M. Wortham 224-598; B. Hilbig 596; J. Cass 574; S. Zeplin 573; M. Michalec 225-572; M. Osterson 570; CAPTAIN'S 1ST SHOULD HAVE BEEN Women: B. Mathiews 475; N. Wallace 461; SUNDOWNERS 1ST WHO! Women: C. Speer 223-629; O. Jackson 205-562; I. Caballero 537; L. Hammack 515; J. Sims 211; Men: S. Snow 265-693; D. Knowlan 248-690; T.J. Mooney 269-673; L. Conner 243-667; S. Dickinson 235-665; D. Reissig 225-634; G. Mason 246-631; K. Stasny 603; M. Conchola 600; M. Stacy 597; J. Tweedle 592; S. Zeplin 226-590; D. Dye 589; T. Crowe 581; R. Vivero 235-579; J. Cano 226-578; L. Caballero 576; R. Lyman 570; B. Hyden 558; E. Smith 558; D. Marquez 554;



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