Stacy takes top billing

Sept. 30, 2017 at 9:42 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Mike Stacy produced the only 700 series of the week in Sundowner League play to earn the weekly high scoring honors again.

The affable talented lefthander has been overshadowed by other bowlers recently but he was on target Thursday night to roll individual games of 222, 268, and 235 for a 725 series.

Two bowlers enjoyed a great week on the lanes with two big sets to their credit in Monday Mixed and Sundowner League competition.

Jerry Cano led all bowlers in the Monday Mixed League with a very nice 257 high game contributing towards a 669 set and then followed with a 258-670 in Sundowner action.

Rob Lyman has really upped his game this season with a 279-668 on Monday and scored a 246-669 on Thursday. In the 279 game a 9 pin spare in the fourth frame of the second game was the only non strike frame in the game.

Other big scores for the men were Miles Michalec (663), Shawn Miller (651), James Holbert (648), Steve Dickinson (269), Randy Vivero (268), Joe Wittenburg (267), Sterling Kocian (248) and Tony Williams (248).

Christine Speer was locked in again during Sugar & Spice League play to lead the women in scoring.

A split open and missed spare in the first game led to a 193 game before she raised her game to finish with individual games of 227 and 226 to total an excellent 646 for the night.

Sharon Guinn posted the second high score with a very good 246 high game contributing towards a 598 series in the same league.

Other nice women scores were by Lori Hammack 562 and Olivia Jackson 233.


WILD TURKEY 1ST C+3W=X Women: T. Wortham 505; R. Wortham 503; Men: M. Wortham 228-623; J. Cass 559; B. Duckett 518; G. McClain 231; OVER THE HILL 1ST PIN BUSTERS Women: C. Wilson 452; B. Mathiews 449; Men: A. Hempel 223-571; A. Garcia 234-565; R. Waterbury 532; R. Estrada 207-523; MONDAY MIXED 1ST ON A ROLL Women: J. Lane 435; Men: J. Cano 257-669; R. Lyman 279-668; J. Holbert 234-648; J. Wittenburg 633; K. Schupbach 611; R. Vivero 268-610; B. Marques 604; S. Dickinson 602; S. Kocian 248-696; R. Marques 233-590; D. Rowe 582; J. Martinez 225-582; D. Tamm 566; W. Hendrix 550 B. Turek 549; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST WANNA BEES Women: C. Speer 227-646; S. Guinn 246-598; R. Wortham 559; O. Jackson 233-534; Men: J. Cass 226-643; M. Osterson 603; M. Gschwind 599; P. Delgado 247-598; L. Hall 592; T. Bennett 236-585; T.J. Mooney 584; M. Stacy 575; J. Tweedle 574; L. Conner 244-573; S. Gritta 570; M. Wortham 235-570; M. Michalec 562; B. Korczynski 555; S. Zeplin 554; CAPTAIN 1ST TROUBLE & COMPANY Women: N. Wallace 527; SUNDOWNER 1ST (3 way tie) WHO!, THAT'S A QUARTER, and FULL HOUSE Women: L. Hammack 215-562; K. Miller 557; I. Caballero 549; C. Speer 521;J. Reyna 518; O. Jackson 516; Men: M. Stacy 268-725; J. Cano 258-670; R. Lyman 246-669; M. Michalec 246-663; S. Miller 245-651; S. Dickinson 269-647; S. Snow 238-636; S. Zeplin 624; M. Osterson 228-617; D. Richards 614; J. Wittenburg 267-614; G. Mason 614; T.J. Mooney 614; T. Williams 248-603; M. Conchola 599; R. Vivero 596; D. Knowlan 594; G. Brooks 592; L. Fuhrman 591; D. Reissig 244-587; J. Matson 584; J. Talbott 579; P. Delgado 576; B. Marques 566;



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