Democrats more concerned about helping illegal immigrants than American citizens

Feb. 9, 2018 at 4:36 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

The Democratic party has finally shown its colors. They are not really interested in helping the Dreamers. They pretend to help them.

President Obama had a Democrat-controlled house and senate for two years and did nothing. Chuck Schumer tied the Dreamers to the spending bill, expecting the Republicans to yield. To his surprise, several liberal news media outlets sided with the Republicans, and he gave in. President Trump offered to increase the number of illegal immigrants covered from around eight hundred thousand to about 1.8 million. Schumer refused this offer.

You have to ask, why would the Democrats balk at this proposal? Could it be they want to use Dreamers as a 2018 election issue? Maybe if they settle the Dreamer problem, they could possibly lose Dreamers as part of their base. Therefore, Democrats would not be able to tell the Dreamers they are still working hard to protect them.

President Trump offered to settle the Dreamer problem with a border wall to slow illegal immigration and drug trafficking and end chain immigration and the immigration lottery. What sovereign nation doesn't have a right to control its borders? What sovereign nation doesn't have a right to control immigration? Maybe the Democrats need the illegal immigration to expand their base?

It is clear the Democrats are more concerned about assisting illegal immigrants than they are American citizens. The majority of the illegal immigrants pouring across our borders are not highly skilled, and they require American taxpayer dollars to educate, provide medical care and subsidize their food and housing. It will not be surprising if the Democrats don't secure a deal for the Dreamers. And if not, will they try blaming it on President Trump?

During the State of the Union, the Democrats sat when Trump offered amnesty for 1.8 million illegal immigrants. They sat for infrastructure spending, paid family leave, honoring the American flag and low black unemployment rates. Not only did they sit, they grimaced, booed and hissed.

You have to wonder if Democrats stand for anything that most Americans value. What will they run on in the 2018 elections?

John Price, Victoria



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