Thumbs-up, thumbs-down; it's your choice

Feb. 9, 2018 at 4:36 p.m.


Thumbs-up to the treats brought live to the stage by Victoria Theatre! "Four Old Broads" promises to be hilarious. It's good to laugh!

Maxine, Victoria

Thumbs-up to Josef Halepaska's letter about loud, annoying music in businesses. If you agree, then your options are to complain to management, avoid the place or wear earplugs.

Norma, Victoria

Thumbs-up to towns that take steps to formalize the protection of their historic areas. Without clear guidelines, there will be confusion and disagreements due to various well-meaning personal interpretations of what is worth saving and how to preserve the irreplaceable.

Ann, Victoria

Thumbs-up to the health benefits of indoor green plants. Houseplants increase the oxygen level of the air in homes and offices. They also serve to reduce pollutants in the indoor air we breathe.

Aloe vera improves air quality. English ivy helps to counteract mold. Lavender can reduce stress and anxiety. Many other plants have health benefits in addition to a beauty that just makes people feel better.

While we wait for spring's glorious foliage, we can enjoy the benefits of green plants indoors.

Cole, Victoria

Thumbs-up to Valentines!

It's fun to remember the classroom Valentine boxes filled with cards. Some cards had jokes, and others had rhymes or riddles.

Making Valentines by folding red or pink paper and cutting out an ear shape on the fold before opening it and finding a magical heart shape was special.

A box of conversation heart candy or a red, heart-shaped lollipop made for pure delight. Chocolate kisses wrapped in red foil were lovely.

Simple childhood pleasures can last a lifetime!

Ann, Victoria


Thumbs-down to all the people who throw trash out of their cars as they drive our streets. Check out the sides of the roads - there's trash everywhere, especially along Loop 463 and Navarro Street. Take some pride in your city! Wait until you can throw your trash into an appropriate container.

Carolyn, Victoria

Thumbs-down to the lady who must have dumped her entire bottle of perfume over herself before coming to the basketball game.

Please have respect for the people who must sit beside you.

Anita, Moulton

Thumbs-down to inconsiderate people who park in selfish or careless ways that prevent the use of adjacent parking spaces.

Sometimes a vehicle is parked at an angle that places the rear bumper into the next space. Other times, someone just hurriedly parks and straddles the yellow line. Then there are the big trucks with big side mirrors that can make getting back into parked cars challenging.

Please be fair.

Pat, Victoria

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