Crowe snares high series

Feb. 10, 2018 at 9:18 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Tom Crowe was one of three bowlers to break the 700 mark this week in Sundowner League play but he prevailed with three clean games of 258, 237, and 250 to total 745 for the night to take the weekly honors.

T.J. Mooney with individual games of 212, 237 and 289 for a 738 and Shawn Miller with 223, 234 and 244 for 701 were the other two bowlers to break the 700 mark.

Other bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were Justin Tweedle who led the Sugar & Spice League with a 258-677, Chase Reynolds 254-669, Mike Osterson 663, Glenn Mason 653, Miles Michalec 650, Jerry Cano 269, Michael Conchola 258 and Lindy Conner 254.

Samantha Wharton opened Sundowner action with a 182 game and then found her groove to post games of 255 and 235 to finish with a great 672 total to lead the women for the week.

Karisa Miller with a 214 high game contributing towards a 584 set in the Sugar & Spice League was second high. Senior bowler Carol Goode rolled a very nice 208 high game and 532 series.

History-making bowlers

This past January marked a special occasion with the oldest female and male to compete in local league play celebrating birthdays.

Jan. 17, Doris Schmidt reached the age of 88 and is still rolling a bowling ball down the lanes. Doris started bowling in Cuero in the late 1950s and when she was transferred to Victoria by her employer, Southwestern Bell Telephone in 1960, she joined a league. Throughout her many years of bowling, she has enjoyed league play at the Victoria Bowling Lanes, Woodlawn and now currently bowls at Century Lanes in the senior Over The Hill League.

Doris was unable to take advantage of bowling lessons in her earlier years because she remarked that most of the coaches did not know how to adjust to her left-handed style.

Even though she does not have a high average, she was determined enough to win the Women's Senior City Mixed All Events title in 1988 and 2015.

Gutierrez celebrates 95th

Dan C. Gutierrez celebrated his 95th birthday Jan. 11. He too has a long history of Victoria league bowling, having started in the late 1950s at the Victoria Lanes. After bowling a few years in league he stopped bowling for awhile, but then joined his brother Carlos Gutierrez at the Century Lanes Over The Hill League in 1989 and then the Woodlawn Lanes in the Woodlawn Senior league and the Recyled Teenagers in 1990. Currently he bowls in the Over The Hill League and was a member of the team that won the league last year.

Both bowlers say they enjoy the game to stay active and the sense of camaraderie the league offers. They are a great inspiration and example that living an active life one day at a time can help in your senior years.

Bowler remembered

It is with sadness that I note that Naomi King Ellis has passed away at the age of 94 in Malakoff. She was one of the first American Junior Bowling Congress bowling coaches in Victoria in the early 1960s and a good bowler, having won the Victoria Women's Championship crown in 1963, 1967 and 1975 among other city tournament titles. Naomi was also involved on the administrative side of the local women's association, having served several terms as secretary-treasurer, president, and as a delegate to the state and national WIBC conventions. For her bowling accomplishments she was inducted into the VUSBC Hall of Fame in 2008. My sympathy and condolences are extended to her sons John and Jerry King and the rest of their family.

Entry forms available

Entry forms for the 12th Annual VUSBC Ladies and Open Tournaments are now available at the Century Lanes front desk. Pick up an entry early and start getting your teams, doubles, and singles teammates together.


OVER THE HILL 1ST THE SENIORS Women: C. Guerra 507; B. Mathiews 506; Men: A. Garcia 218-583; R. Estrada 212-529; A. Hempel 500; E. Lopez 495; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS! Women: B. Cowan 526; Men: M. Redding 232-638; S. Kocian 245-632; J. Cano 269-620; K. Schupbach 226-618; J. Talbott 246-615; C. Youngblood 611; S. Turek 234-603; T. Williams 227-598; P. Alva 596; J. Holbert 235-582; D. Tamm 578; J. Guerra 578; D. Flounders 573; T. Miller 573; R. Barnette 567; J. Matson 563; J. Schubert 560; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST SENIORS Women: K. Miller 214-584; S. Guinn 224-557; J. Reyna 214-553; O. Jackson 540; D. Stroud 510; Men: J. Tweedle 258-677; M. Michalec 650; B. Korczynski 240-648; L. Hall 246-644; T. Crowe 245-629; B. Jackson 225-614; S. Miller 606; M. Stacy 606; M. Osterson 570; L. Conner 564; C. Aiken 555;CAPTAIN'S 1ST PIN PALS Women: C. Goode 208-532; SUNDOWNERS 1ST SST Women: S. Wharton 255-672; J. Sims 552; K. Miller 521; Men: T. Crowe 258-745; T.J. Mooney 289-738; S. Miller 244-701; C. Reynolds 254-669; M. Osterson 238-663; G. Mason 247-653; L. Conner 254-637; J. Tweedle 636; L. fuhrman 635; K. Stasny 237-631; M. Unger 225-629; M. Conchola 258-629; R. Lyman 620; M. Stacy 247-612; D. Marques 608; D. Knowlan 600; S. Snow 225-598; S. Dickinson 597; J. Cano 591; D. Loya 590; J. Matson 587; J. Wittenburg 584; T. Bennett 580; M. Mize 573; M. Almendarez 572; G. Brooks 562; E. Smith 560.



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