Landowners have right to make decisions about their property

Jan. 8, 2018 at 4:15 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Five live oak trees ranging in age from 5 to 50-plus years adorn the property that our home sits upon. Seven years ago, I had to take down one oak due to disease. Another was planted in its place. Live oaks are truly one of nature's majestic beauties.

While I certainly understand the issue of preserving what nature gives to our world, I am bothered by the manner in which the Victoria Advocate has addressed the live oak removal issue.

In the first two paragraphs of the Jan. 3 opinion piece, "Our historical trees are not out of the woods yet," the verbiage comes across to me as a bit over-the-top to the point of pitting a good vs. evil slant to the story. I am all for preserving our city's story, but this is not even close to a "North Korea vs. the world" issue.

As to the owners of the property, why should they be expected to offer the courtesy of discussing their plans with neighbors? The property is private land, and they were in violation of no law. Even if they did understand the significance behind the trees, their neighbors were not owed the privilege of offering an opinion in the matter. Let's be honest, I wonder just how many homeowners in this particular section of DeLeon Street (and Victoria as a whole) knew the nature of when and who planted the oaks prior to the story breaking.

Furthermore, the property owners should not be expected to voice their reasoning for removing the oaks to the Advocate or anyone else for that matter. Other than honoring the building codes and the law, they have the privilege of doing what they wish with the property they lawfully obtained.

Mike Laza, Victoria



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