Life on other planets highly likely

Jan. 10, 2018 at 5:36 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

After our moon landing program, public interest in the moon abated, except perhaps for romantic reasons. By combining new moon facts/mysteries with previous knowledge, the awesome and mystic nature of the moon is revealed.

So what makes the moon awesome and mysterious? Consider the following NASA information: water exists on the moon; moon dirt is highly concentrated with titanium and rocks are magnetized; moon quakes exist; NASA photos show grainy images of anomalies like possible structures and other features; some photos show spires and obelisks, like on Earth; NASA claims anomalies are natural moon objects but others believe such is evidence of a past/present alien civilization.

Many theories exist on how the moon came to be but all have flaws. Some scientists believe the moon may be artificial and was placed in Earth's orbit by aliens to enhance Earth's environment. Due to the moon's synchronous orbit and large size in relation to Earth, it generates sufficient gravitational effect to stabilize the wobbling of the Earth's axis. Also, the moon causes and regulates tidal flows and influences seasonal changes.

Among moon mysteries are the rumored reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on or near the moon. Both Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong supposedly contacted NASA privately that there were two alien spacecrafts observing them from a nearby moon crater.

Later, it was rumored that some ham radio operators had heard and verified the same conversation. Maurice Chatelin, former chief of NASA Communications, supposedly confirmed Armstrong and Aldrin's report of seeing subject alien spacecrafts. He also said Apollo and Gemini flights were observed by UFOs. Additionally, astronauts on moon flights have observed flashes of light on or near the moon's surface.

Although NASA denies these rumors, several astronauts have acknowledged seeing UFOs during their career as pilots/astronauts. Also, a December 2017 public announcement by the U.S. Pentagon revealed they had conducted a secret study of UFOs from 2007-12, which some officials say is still ongoing. This study, along with present and ancient data sources, makes it highly likely UFOs are a reality.

Allen J. Novosad, Edna



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