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SEPT. 4 – Dr. Jesse A. Lander and Ed A. Garcia, president and secretary, respectively, of the Victoria Rotary Club, left for Galveston, where they will attend the annual meeting of the presidents and secretaries of the Texas Rotary Clubs.

Miss Millie Strovell, of Roberts, Ill, arrived in the city Saturday to make her home.

Misses Mary Charlotte Hopkins, Mary Katherine Curran and Joseph Hopkins returned to their home yesterday after a visit to relatives in Edna.

The Fashion Tailor Shop has opened for business, of which A. Rehm is the proprietor.

SEPT. 8 – The ornamental lamp post and drinking fountain, which formerly occupied a prominent place directly in front of the entrance to the City Hall, has been torn down, due to some parts going bad. Superintendent of the Public Works L.R. Thomas informed us that the parts for the drinking fountain have been ordered and will soon be here.

Miss Elizabeth Fowler left the early part of the week for Houston, where she will attend the teachers institute. The young lady has secured an appointment to teach in the public schools of Humble this year.

Mrs. Ethel Brandon, Victoria County Home Demonstration agent, has returned to her home after a vacation of two weeks.


SEPT. 5 – A mass meeting of Victoria’s public school fraternities and sororities has been scheduled for tonight on DeLeon Plaza. Members of the Greek organizations said the school board’s ban on fraternities and sororities will be discussed. All four of the sororities and both of the fraternities are expected to be present en masse. Also reported to be scheduled was a “coffin dance” to be held at the National Guard Armory Saturday night. The dance will have a black theme, fraternity and sorority members said.

SEPT. 9 – A request to the City Council by the Board of Education of VISD for use of the YMCA building as a student recreation center was the main item of interest in the regular meeting of the council.

The fraternity-sorority ban in Victoria schools is proceeding as students are cooperating in signing the pledge promising their non-activity in secret societies.

A mechanical cotton picker demonstration will be staged Wednesday near Tivoli, County Agent Joe M. Glover announced today.

That was 1st Lt. James Trueheart flying over Victoria Monday as a part of a reserved air corps training refresher course he is now taking at Randolph and Brooks Field at San Antonio. He expects to be back at home and on the job at the local radio station next week.


SEPT. 6 – Mrs. Madeline O’Connor of Victoria will be among seven artists to exhibit in what is expected to be the largest show held at Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute in San Antonio.

City Council agreed Monday to a request from merchants in the downtown area for a 90-day moratorium on parking meters, but the ban will not go into effect immediately. Atty. Arthur Lapham, who was spokesman for the merchants, said the association needs time to consider its own “education” program to keep employees in the downtown area from using street parking when meters are suspended.

SEPT. 10 – Dr. Reginald Traylor, University of Houston professor of mathematics, has been named director of the University of Houston at Victoria. Plans call for UH at Victoria, approved as an upper level center by the Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, to begin full operation in the fall of 1973.

Police Chief Robert Winley doesn’t take lightly a statistical picture that shows narcotics arrests by Victoria police on a gradual to sharp rise since 1967. On the other hand, he feels that Victoria doesn’t have any larger problem with drugs than other cities of comparable size and is optimistic about the effects of narcotics education programs.


SEPT. 7 – The Sembradores de Amistad of Victoria recently adopted Juan Linn Cyberspace Magnet School and O’Connor 21st Century Magnet School. The schools each received $150 for the needs of the campuses. The club members will also volunteer to be listeners for reading students. Viola Saenz, chairperson, and her committee members, Lupe Cavazos and Janie Alvarado, will oversee this project.

Winners of the Victoria Symphony’s “Music Makes Money” contest were: Lisa Wilburn of Victoria, $250; Barbara Sparkman of Victoria, $100; Harlon Gerhold of Victoria, $50; Carmen Alvarez Cortez of Victoria, $50; Debbie Stastny of Victoria, $50; and Gloria and Julius Cano of Victoria, $50.

SEPT. 9 – Sister Stephana Marbach of the Incarnate Word Convent in Victoria is one of the few people who do not imagine starving and sick Indian people when she thinks of Mother Teresa. Sister Stephana remembers a special woman who “did the best she could as she thought God wanted her to.” On two separate occasions, Mother Teresa and Marbach, the Superior General of Incarnate Word Blessed Sacrament Sisters, spoke. The first was in 1985 in Africa, where Marbach said they spoke only briefly. But at their second meeting in 1993 in Rome, the two shared a table at a conference and were able to speak at length. In Rome, Sister Stephana said she could sense the faith and love with which Mother Teresa went about he work. Mother Teresa died from a heart attack Friday. She was 87. Her funeral will be held Saturday in Calcutta, India, where she worked with the poor. In Victoria, Sister Stephana will be one of many Catholics and non-Catholics attending a special rosary service at 5:30 p.m. today in DeLeon Plaza for the woman she refers to as “a saint of our times.”

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