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FEB. 25 – The City Council of Defense, at its meeting at the courthouse yesterday afternoon, passed a resolution prohibiting persons who were enemy aliens before the war and who are not now in the army or navy or who have not been honorably discharged therefrom from holding any position of public trust whatsoever. This resolution also placed the use of the German language absolutely under the ban. A dance and reception will be given at the Central Fire Station tonight in honor of our Returned soldiers and sailors. The public is cordially invited.

FEB. 27 – H.J. Hauschild will have his opera house completely remodeled in time for next season’s business. He will make a ground floor show of it, providing a larger stage, and make the entire house modern in every respect. The galleries will be on the second floor and the third floor will be devoted to apartments. The Princess Theater will occupy the house and F.S. Ferguson, the manager of the Princess, will run both pictures and road shows. Some of the farmers from the Fordtran section are hauling commercial fertilizer from Yoakum. The roads are in a bad condition and some have not gotten in yet.


FEB. 26 – Henry Wedemeir, florist, in receiving a wholesale shipment of blossoms from Los Angeles today was surprised to find among them a little pink mimeographed slip bearing this message: “In keeping with Los Angeles’ unusual weather, we had the best hail, thunder, lightning and storm over the weekend for the past 30 years. Doing the best we can, and are hoping the ‘land of sunshine’ is just around the corner.”

FEB. 28 – Victoria housewives began in earnest today to learn the uses of the nation’s latest fashion in what the well-equipped shopper must have. The item is the new plastic token, now going into circulation in two fashionable colors, red and blue. Use of the tokens today was so new that no one would express much of an opinion as to their value as time-saving devices. Until March 21, token rationing will be complicated by the fact that some old stamps from books three and four will be good at face value, on the same basis as the past. Victoria’s Rent Control office, which since its inception has operated in the Chamber of Commerce, in the future will be in the Office of Price Administration headquarters at 201 S. Bridge.


FEB. 24 – Due to the good response to the Victoria Civic Theater’s production of “Death of a Salesman” which was to have ended Sunday afternoon, the play will be held again Friday and Saturday nights, Bill Pugh, president of the production board, said Sunday. Joe B. Milam Jr. has fashioned a really rare characterization as salesman Willy Loman.

MARCH 2 – Almost 40 persons accompanied city officials on the second city tour Saturday, getting a briefing from Mayor Kemper Williams Jr. and City Manager John Lee on various city operations and a close-up look at some of the more pressing city problems. During the discussion, tourists seemed most concerned with the health unit, city-wide drainage problems and development of a new city garage, but discussed subjects ranging from state legislation affecting cities to Tele-Tenna service.


FEB. 25 – Sanjay Minocha, a seventh-grader at Nazareth Academy, was the winner of the 1994 campus spelling bee. He spelled the word “chancellor” correctly and will advance to the county spelling bee to be held March 9 at the Victoria Independent School District board room. The winner of the county bee will advance to the regional spelling competition April 9 in Victoria. First alternate was Jana Bittlebrun, a sixth-grader. Special recognition was given to Jenna Longoria, who finished third. Campus coordinators were Monica Morales and Diana Rigamonti.

MARCH 1 – Kyle Loest, a Victoria County 4-H member, placed first Friday in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo livestock judging contest, which had more than 1,000 contestants. He scored 341 points out of a possible 350, dropping only nine points in judging seven classes of animals. He competed on a team with Stacy Joost, who scored 313; and Stacy Jon, who scored 310. With a team score of 964 points, the Victoria County team placed eighth out of 340 teams. Loest won a $500 gift certificate, plus a $1,000 donation from A-Bargain House Moving in Houston to be used to purchase a heifer to be shown at next year’s Houston show.