When a person comes to know the Eternal God, he begins to see all about him signs of His handiwork and of His provisions for us. A person may look for signs of God, but many times those signs come into view unsought.

There is a practical side to this. We tend to see what we are familiar with. My first new car was a '55 Buick Special. Before I bought it, I hardly knew what one looked like. Afterwards, it seemed like every other car on the road was a Buick Special.

In the case of God, this is a great blessing. Just stepping outside the house, one spies a beautiful flower, the cat is sleeping in the yard and a group of children are skipping down the street. An airplane flies overhead and a mockingbird is singing in the tree. I can't help but think about Satchmo singing "What a Wonderful World."

One particular thing that reminds me of God is his provision for us in the area of food, especially fruit. Just think of all the many delicious and healthful fruit that are available: Oranges, apples bananas, peaches, pears, grapes and pineapple, just to name a few. In all, 37 fruits were listed in an Internet article, although I'm sure there are still others. Another source taken from the Internet took two pages to extol all the benefits of bananas, which, by the way, are Americans' favorite fruit.

The different fruits are available year 'round: citrus in the winter, peaches, figs and pears in the summer. Each of these fruits have a certain health benefit, such as slowing the aging process, keeping the eyes healthy, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, aiding digestion and much, much more. Some folks actually confine their diet to only fruit.

Then, there are the berries, melons and nuts. My blackberry crop this year was a failure, but there are still some in the freezer from last year. Think of blackberry cobbler with a scoop of ice cream. Or, pecan pie, or watermelon on a hot day. Start the day off with cantaloupe for breakfast.

How about the animals? What a rich variety of shapes and colors. Can you imagine blind chance creating a zebra, a peacock, a kangaroo or an elephant? Some of the animals were created for meat; some for pets; some for work, and some for milk. It took a great Intelligence to form a mockingbird. The bone construction and feathers are so light so that the bird only weighs a few ounces. Besides, how did evolution know that flight was possible?

What would the world be like without the horse? It plows, it carries soldiers into battle, runs races, pulls carriages and rounds up cattle. Besides this, it is a most beautiful animal.

All these images keep our mind centered on a loving God who gives us many pleasures daily if we have eyes to see them. Even when we are down, He lifts our spirits and carries us through.

Raymond F. Smith is president of Strong Families of Victoria