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Music lovers with earbuds in their ears or headphones wrapped around their heads dancing in public like no one is watching is always an entertaining sight to see.

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Morgan Petrash’s husband, Zachary Grant, told her not to stand on her tippy toes. “We’re not ballerinas here,” he said.

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Rebuild Texas Fund is committing $1.1 million to build a Victoria County Regional Disaster Response and Recovery Center designed to better prepare the Crossroads for its next disaster.

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The Bronte Club meeting was called to order by President Jan Jacob at 3 p.m. at the Victoria Women’s Club House on Dec. 19. Jacob proudly informed members that Bronte had received a first-place award from GFWC for the 2018 Texas Heritage Program – A Field Trip to UHVC.


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    [crying] We will miss Papa Don very much, he along with the rest of his family adopted us, after becoming very close friends with his daughter Amanda, he became Adopted Dad to myself, often im…

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    Note that Watson is a fellow at The Texas Public Policy Foundation, an acknowledged right-wing think tank . The legitimacy of the state legislature to micro manage laws and ordinances of count…

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    Would be great if the names of the arrested were posted instead of the gender and age.. Just a suggestion.

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