Michael Cloud

U.S. Rep. Michael Cloud said President Donald Trump was “doing his job” during a July phone call with the president of Ukraine that’s spurred an impeachment investigation in the House of Representatives.

Cloud, a Victoria resident and representative of the state’s 27th District, spoke about the investigation into Trump’s phone call during a Tuesday interview with the Victoria Advocate.

The Republican congressman said he thought Trump was “within his jurisdiction” based on the information about the call that has been made public to this point.

In September, the White House released a partial transcript of the call with Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ukraine’s president. Cloud said Trump’s offer in the call was an offer to help fight corruption in Ukraine.

“For me, when I read through that – The president’s doing his job, in a sense. He was elected very much to drain the swamp, so to speak, to investigate these kinds of things,” Cloud said.

“If there was no probable cause and the president just called with some obscure, ‘Can you dig up dirt?’ there would be concern there,” the congressman continued. “But we have the other president saying, ‘We’re trying to weed out corruption in our country; how can you help us?’ and so the president, with the information that we have available, was within his jurisdiction.”

Multiple House committees are investigating Trump’s phone call after learning of a whistleblower complaint that accused Trump of abusing his office during the conversation with Zelenskiy because he pressed for an investigation of Joe Biden, his political rival.

You can watch Cloud’s full interview with Chris Cobler, the Advocate’s editor and publisher, here:

Cloud said few residents in his district, which spans all or some of 13 counties in south Texas, have asked him about the impeachment process. Earlier Tuesday, Cloud addressed Victoria leaders at a weekly meeting hosted by the Victoria Economic Development Corporation. No one at that meeting asked Cloud about impeachment.

At that meeting, Cloud spoke about his ongoing work on Hurricane Harvey recovery and FEMA reform, border security and the country’s ongoing trade war with China.

Cloud and his team met with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson recently to discuss ideas for low- and moderate-income housing, Cloud said at the Tuesday meeting. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, advocates for the homeless have identified a lack of affordable housing in the region as one of the most lasting impacts of the storm.

Ciara McCarthy covers local health issues for the Victoria Advocate as a Report for America corps member. You can reach her at cmccarthy@vicad.com or at 580-6597 or on Twitter at @mccarthy_ciara.

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Health Reporter

Ciara McCarthy covers public health for the Advocate as a Report for America corps member. She reports on insurance, the cost of health care, local hospitals, and more. Questions, tips, or ideas? Contact: cmccarthy@vicad.com or call 361-580-6597.

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(4) comments

George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

Cloud is a right-wing sycophant without any real understanding of the U.S. Constitution. All he knows is to regurgitate the Trump-captured Republican Party’s talking points. Really. I’ve seen puddles on a sidewalk deeper than his ability to think for himself.

He continued to refer to the “transcript” of the phone call to the Ukraine president when we all know it wasn’t — even after Trump said he would release the transcript. It was a summary memorandum.

This guy is a two-bit back bencher whose only power comes from the worst of the right wing. I know a lot of people like him — and he may be likable on a personal basis. But if the people of this district don’t understand how he is complicit in Trump’s attempt to emulate Hitler and the Nazi state of Germany leading up to World War II, then I fear for all of us.

Michael Gomez

Michael Cloud was obviously using right wing talking points this to excuse and enable President Trump. One does not have to be a legislator to know what’s going on. Trump had it right when he said “ He could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters will still back him. Legislators of all 50 states inform the media all time. He probably is doing a great with Hurricane Harvey but I seriously doubt he’ll be much help solving the constitutional crisis We are currently in. If the president does it ,he was doing his job...lol..It’ll come out in the wash and when it does the right-wingers will remain silent.

Pat Tally

Mr. Cloud has been in Washington a little over a year. His level of expertise on affairs of state is minimal and that would be true if he was a Democrat. He is giving his opinion based on what? He apparently needs to take another look at the Constitution, that document Republicans used to favor. This is not a drain the swamp issue. This is a President of this country telling the relatively powerless president of a smaller country that he cannot have the

Glenn Wilson

With all due respect Pat, Rep. Cloud's "little over a year" in Washington is a little over a year more experience than you or anyone else around here has, and I expect that his sources of information are far more reliable and extensive than anything accessible to We The Sheeple. Also, how would you know "His level of expertise on affairs of state is minimal"? For a freshman Rep. he certainly seems very engaged with "Hurricane Harvey recovery and FEMA reform, border security and the country’s ongoing trade war with China". Exactly what portion of the Constitution should he look again at, and if he did, exactly what would he see that applies to this situation? Can you quote exactly what it was that the President of this country was telling the relatively powerless president of a smaller country that he cannot have the...? Unfortunately, your comment died at that point.

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