Here are the five finalists in the H-E-B contest, listed in order.

First place

Always there for us

I love H-E-B because they have always been there for us. We will have been married 48 years June 26, and we have lived in this city for all our married life.

The H-E-B employees have always been kind and cheerful, and we have made lifetime friends there.

A few years back, the price of yogurt went up and out of my reach, and I have to eat one every night to prevent leg cramps. So I wrote a letter to the main H-E-B office, and a few days later when we got home, we found a box on our front porch full of yogurt of every flavor. I think there were 25 of them. I cried as I put them away.

I'm 80 years old, and my husband is 74, and we never will forget how thoughtful and kind your store is and so full of big hearts who care about their customers.

Thanks, H-E-B.

  • Beverly Ledington, Victoria

Second place


One of my memories of H-E-B was back in 1995. We were at the H-E-B on Rio Grande. We were checking out with my 5-year-old daughter. She began having a seizure. The cashier and a couple other employees swiped all the items off the conveyer belt and put her up there. Many items fell to the floor.

They placed her on her side to make sure she was not going to choke on her tongue. I was in shock and didn't know what to do. I just wanted someone to help her, and the employees at H-E-B did just that. They called the ambulance and comforted us both while we waited for the ambulance. The fast-thinking and actions of the employees saved my daughter from suffering long-term damage. I'll never forget that moment of feeling helpless for your child, but thanks to the employees at H-E-B, everything turned out OK. Every time I go to H-E-B, the employees are friendly and professional. I love my H-E-B.

  • Tina Porter

Third place

H-E-B eases my struggles

I am a single mom struggling like most single moms do. About 21/2 years ago, my youngest daughter was getting married to a wonderful man who had joined the Army. I had priced cakes at several places, and there was no way I could afford a cake for them. I just happened to think of H-E-B on Rio Grande and talked with their amazing staff. I designed the cake I wanted for my daughter, and they did an amazing job at a very amazing price. It was so delicious, and on their first anniversary, we pulled the top layer out of the freezer and couldn't believe it tasted just as moist and delicious as the day it was made. Doesn't sound like much to some, but it will be something I will never forget. Thank you, H-E-B.

  • Teresa Giles

Fourth Place

Getting and giving an education

Impacts come in all sizes throughout a lifetime; some are huge and life-changing while others simply put a big smile on your face. I can't help but smile when I think about H-E-B and the wonderful memories I have shared there throughout my life.

As a little girl, I remember walking the aisles with my mother, where she would teach me about food, cooking and money. We spent countless hours walking those aisles together, a time I now cherish and will never forget. Nowadays, I walk those aisles with my own daughter. I teach her the names of fresh fruits and vegetables and buy healthy, high-quality food that fuels my family's growth. I know one day my daughter will look back at the great memories we shared shopping at H-E-B together and know that even everyday things can truly make an impact in your life.

  • Brandy Stansbury

Fifth place

"Hello, Mr. Melendez!"

I heard this often walking into the store with my grandpa. It made me happy hearing my grandpa talking to someone about his day. H-E-B was just a store to me until he passed away. The day of my grandpa's funeral, I wandered the aisles of H-E-B. I could hear him ranting on about how my grandma made him go to the store for the fifth time. Checking out, the cashier asked how my family was and that everyone had our family in prayers.

At age 83, Francisco Luna Melendez left our lives on May 10, 2011. Words can't express the memories, amazing customer service, and, most of all, the impact it's had on my life. The memory of my grandpa lives on inside those walls. For every trip we made wasn't just hello or a goodbye, it was customer appreciation, love and, most of all, loyalty.

  • Samantha Melendez

Here are the other entries in the essay contest:

Wet met at H-E-B and fell in love

Chapter 1: Meeting the man of my dreams

It was Dec. 12, 2010, in aisle 5 express lane that a scruffy looking gentleman stood behind me with only water. Being over my limit, I asked him if he'd like to cut in front of me but he declined. Connection was made. After some flirting, my check out was complete, so we shook hands and said our farewells. I headed slowly toward the exit hoping he'd dash after me asking for my number. This handsome stranger was held up, so I kept walking to my car. Thinking I'd never see him again, I drove by the front of the store, and behold to my right, there he was in his truck waving. Excited, I pulled into the nearest space where he followed. As I jumped out of the car, I asked "Is this weird?" He replied, "Not at all!" We exchanged numbers and the journey of our lives together began...

  • By Sheri Hanslik-Bates

Chapter 2: Shopping for my Fiance

Thanks to the amazing team at H-E-B, I was able to plan and coordinate a surprise proposal for my girlfriend. The idea was for Sheri to be the 1 millionth customer in the exact same aisle we met at just over a year ago. Jeff, the store manager, brought over balloons and the prize-winning gift. Enthusiastically, we approached the customer service center as Sheri began opening her gift and telling the crowd how we had met here just over a year ago. She was completely clueless as she tore through tons of tissue paper finally getting to a little blue box. Realizing what it was she yelled out in disbelief, "NO, YOU ARE NOT!" I took the ring, got down on one knee and asked for Sheri's hand in marriage ... she said "YES!"

  • By Shan Bates

H-E-B has impacted my life in numerous ways

When I was a single mom H-E-B provided assistance in meal planning with their "Meal Deals." The deals allowed me to stretch my budget farther and added in extras such as ice cream or chips. These extras would not have normally been purchased however with the Meal Deal they would be free and a welcomed addition. Now that I'm married H-E-B is still my go-to grocer for last minute dinners and pantry staples. Not only can I get food but I can also get birthday gifts, dog food, flowers and my prescriptions all in one stop. Thanks H-E-B for being my go-to spot.

  • By Ranella Rodriquez Tucker

H-E-B Comes Full Circle and is 'All in the Family'

In 1963 Dad, upon advisement of a Brenham mom and pop store co-worker heard about a growing company, H-E-B.

Unable to apply immediately, he left ASAP in the one family car following the first born's birth. Victoria proved victorious, hiring him as a meat cutter, and he became department manager after one month. Training numerous people throughout Texas, some became H. E.B. Meat Buyers and supervisors. His H-E-B career was in Victoria, Cuero, Wharton, Bay City, and Gonzales. After 35 years James Yackel retired from H-E-B.

Inspired, his wife, daughter, and son followed his footsteps. Also, his sister-in-law married an H-E-B team member. The my H-E-B journey returned full circle to Victoria and I now advise people of H-E-B's traditions. Everyone has their favorite H-E-B For me and my family it is a way of life, because, Here, Everything's Better.

  • By Mona Stockbauer

The heart of Victoria

In was in the early 60s when I first stepped in H-E-B . Only 10 at the time, we lived in downtown Victoria. H-E-B was located on Main Street. My friends and I use to take empty Coke bottles so we could get our deposit back on return so we could buy candy and chips . My mother loved H-E-B; she would save Texas gold stamps. Then H-E-B moved to Rio Grande and the store was faced north. H-E-B got bigger and better and with more savings. Then the new generation came and again H-E-B built a bigger store. This time H-E-B was faced west with more saving, better meats and better quality. I still live in downtown Victoria. To me, H-E-B is the heart of victoria. My H-E-B (Here Everything Better ). Now, I'm 60 years old and it feels like it was just yesterday when I first stepped in H-E-B. Happy 80th anniversary.

  • By Thomas Cano

Happy 80th Anniversary H-E-B

Times have changed since H-E-B was a new store. Most likely it didn't sell soaps because back then people made lye soap at home. Bread was most likely only made at home, or it became a new store item. Many people butchered their own meat and raised gardens and canned fruits and vegetables; but as Victoria grew, new people didn't have these food items, so H-E-B was needed and a blessing.

At the H-E-B service desk, one can pay bills that go out of town, use Western Union and buy Lotto tickets. There is a bank in the store. One can buy garden supplies, also.

H-E-B is no longer just a grocery store. One can buy clothing, books, greeting cards, household items, cosmetics and the list goes on.

The employees are friendly, cheerful and helpful. I love my H-E-B. I find what I need.

  • By Diana Coultas

My H-E-B Bargain Memories

Thanks H-E-B for a lifetime of savings - both of time and money!

Starting at an early age having to travel across town to Main Street to shop with my mother. Then in my teenage years, H-E-B came to my neighborhood on Laurent St. Finally the best savings in town near home. Three blocks from my house, so of course I was at H-E-B often. These trips have not changed. Ask my husband! Ha ha! But also, to see the nice people who knew my name - what did she forget this time. With the move to Rio Grande St., now I'm the one shopping I can always count on a bargain and friendly service from new and old H-E-B family. Just felt I had to write to thank H-E-B for all the bargains, especially the meal deals and years of service to our community.

P.S. - Can't forget H-E-B Plus! and Azalea and all the bargains also found there!

  • by Roberta Garcia

H-E-B is different

You may ask how a grocery store like H-E-B can have an impact on anyone's life. Most grocery stores main goal is to sell cheap food to the masses and make truckloads of money for their shareholders. But here is where H-E-B separates its self from other chains. H-E-B truly strives to provide good customer service, great merchandise and quality food to its customers.

This is something that seems to have been forgotten in today's bottom dollar world. H-E-B has very high standards. It is one of the cleanest, most organized, and friendliest stores you can shop at.

It is also one of the few stores that provide help out with your groceries. H-E-B also provides the freshest produce and best cuts of meat you can buy. This is something that I really appreciate after seeing the low quality food that other stores put on their shelves.

Like most Texans, I live in a small town and H-E-B is not just a store to buy food, but part of the community. H-E-B provides good paying jobs with excellent insurance to the people in my town. They also are the first ones to donate to local events or school organizations. H-E-B really makes an effort to give back to the community. It host school supply and food drives annually.

Furthermore, my local H-E-B has hosted community pep rallies and tailgate parties for the local football team. It also lets its employees dress up on game days to show their school spirit.

One of the best things I think H-E-B does is employee people with disabilities. They give jobs to people that other companies would never bother with. I believe this makes a profound impact on these people lives. It also sets an example for other businesses in the community to follow. H-E-B also gives all its employees a free turkey on holidays. But H-E-B doesn't just give its employees a free holiday meal, it also provides a free meal to the whole community with its annual Feast of Sharing.

This event feeds hundreds every year that may have gone without. So in closing, many may say H-E-B is just a store, but to me it is much more than that. H-E-B has left an impact on me by making me see that all businesses are not greedy and care only about money. It's nice to know that there is still a business that puts its employees and customers before profit. This gives me hope for the future. Happy eightieth anniversary H-E-B!

  • By Kathy Meza

The best customer service

H-E-B, Navarro, delivers unsurpassed customer service! Staff is trained to deliver service with a smile while adhering to corporate training. Kevin and Ross go out of their way to retrieve items from stock and place them in the cart.

Out of stock? No problem, take another brand at our price. Anita in Gardening views the pictures of the area I need to fill, educates me about possible selections, and insists on loading the plants in my car 'because you're dressed too nicely.'

Genevieve, Will, Leticia, and many others seem genuinely happy to see me. According to its website, H-E-B is the largest monetary recognition program for educators in Texas, with more than $800,000 in cash prizes awarded annually. As one of those recognized educators, the Butt Family's recognition and support of my efforts with students is one I shall always treasure. Indeed, no store does more than my H-E-B!

  • By Bonnie Cox

No one compares

When I was a small girl I lived in a small community named Austwell, Texas. Every week when my dad would get paid, the family would make the drive to Victoria, Port Lavaca, or Rockport to purchase groceries. This was such an adventure for us to go to the big city, and it's now a memory I'll never forget.

We'd drive past all the mom and pop grocery stores; back then there was Stanleys. I remember asking my mom why don't we ever but groceries there and she would answer "because no other store compares to H-E-B."

I quite never understood that comment until I grew up and had children of my own. My mom and dad have since passed but those words "no one compares" still ring loud and clear in my head.

H-E-B is worth driving the extra 32 miles, 1 mile or even 1 block because the product freshness and atmosphere bring so much to a family on a budget. By far this is the greatest jewel of Texas; it has taught me that you can go to other grocery stores and shop but H-E-B will always deliver a since of family when you walk in those doors. I'm 45 years old now and I've been literally shopping there for all those years and quoting my dear Mother's words "no one compares" to H-E-B.

  • By Patricia Hernandez

Freshness counts

H-E-B has impacted my life in such a very good and positive way. In a positive way that has helped keep me so healthy by eating your fresh, good fruits and vegetables. H-E-B continually has such good fresh fruits and vegetables - just like the fresh fruits and vegetables I grew up on as a kid. My dad, Jim Wallek, used to grow and sell okra to our H-E-B in Beeville, Texas, in Bee County in the 1940s and 1950s. I helped my dad hand pick okra every other day so the okra would be young and tender - so I know how H-E-B has always strived to keep fresh good produce and always so beautifully displayed.

  • By Virginia Breedlove

The best memories

H-E-B holds some of my fondest childhood memories... I can remember holding my mother's hand strolling down the aisles, I can remember blowing out the candles of my favorite birthday cakes throughout the years that were purchased at H-E-B. I now hold my children's hands down the aisles, I now purchase birthday cakes for my children year after year at H-E-B. These are memories that I cherish. H-E-B is and will always be a big impact in my family's lives.

  • By Eva Orta

Going above and beyond

When thinking of a grocery store, most people simply think of the place they buy their food for the month. However, in my household we have high standards for where we shop. We want to support a business that cares about its workers and offers quality produce and affordable prices.

When my husband and I got pregnant with our twin girls it became important that our grocer also offer organic produce.

H-E-B has just been a dream for my family because not only does the company share the same values as my family, but they go even father and provide recipes on packaging.

Since having my daughters, our grocery budget grew tighter and the combo loco deals offered by H-E-B help me to feed my family on a budget. What I am most satisfied with is the new H-E-B Organics line, which helps me afford more organic choices while keeping within my budget.

Thank you, H-E-B, for going above and beyond to providing my family with great service, delicious recipes, healthy options and all at a price that makes me very happy.

Without H-E-B we wouldn't be able to eat as many organic products and certainly wouldn't get the most bang for my buck.

  • By Dalissa Roman

Commitment to community

H-E-B has impacted my life by making my shopping trip a sensory pleasure. Walking into these well-lit, immaculately clean stores has me surrounded by fresh flowers, produce and the fresh smell of the hot French bread. The stores are well organized and easy to navigate which makes shopping a pleasure. It's no accident that the employees of the stores are always smiling, friendly and helpful which keep me coming back. Their commitment to the community has made them an example of why H-E-B has impacted my life. H-E-B has taught the food business a lesson or two about food. Their commitment to the best quality product they can provide has made them the ones to watch.

  • By Stewart H. Foster

Happy Birthday H-E-B

H-E-B and I have a long history, we go back 30 years, 1983. My family has been using the circular that long. H-E-B blew me away as a bride (2000). H-E-B arranged my flowers for my big day. My inspiration came from the Bride's magazine and H-E-B did it. My bouquet and cake toppers were great. I have the pics to show. HE Buddy is great. The plate mates made it easy to push veggies to my son. H-E-B gets the entire family excited about shopping. H-E-B is dependable and reliable. When I travel to Hockley, Desoto, San Marcos, or Austin, my H-E-B is there. I Google the closest location and I am good for the trip. H-E-B has everything we need. Friendly and compassionate is the face of my H-E-B. The staff always greet with a smile. H-E-B is a tradition for the Talley's. I am the 3rd generation of Texans to shop at H-E-B.

  • By Erica Talley

Superior customer service

I had an amazing customer service experience at the Edna H-E-B a week ago. See, my daughter, aged 5, had given me a beautiful necklace for Mother's Day. The pendant is the word "mom" with a little heart, and she picked it out herself. It isn't an expensive necklace, but it is tied for first place with my wedding ring for the "prized possession" title in my life.

I came home from H-E-B one day and soon realized it wasn't around my neck. I was devastated. I searched my house and my shopping bags, to no avail. As something of a hail Mary, I called H-E-B and a friendly young man named Aaron answered the phone. After my explanation (which included that it wasn't expensive but very valuable to me), he asked for a description of the necklace, and went to search the store for it. I have lost things in stores before, and the response is usually "No one has turned one in." But this young man took time to go look for my jewelry, and found it! I was absolutely overjoyed. I now have my necklace, and H-E-B had a loyal customer. Thank you, H-E-B, for your superior customer service.

  • By Jessica Coleman

Everything I need

My friends go to H-E-B and think of me. I'm not sure why, but it could be because I am there quite often and sometimes, just to unwind and see what jumps in my basket. Now, I do have a life, but you will most likely find me at home, work, or H-E-B (which I tag myself in at because it's an inside joke with my friends now). Granted, I could easily go there every day, but I resist from spending that kind of money. I'm not sure what I'd do without my H-E-B. My son even thought we were going to get his new baby sister from there. And I tell people if I can't find what I need at H-E-B, then I guess I don't need it that bad. My name is Monett , and this is how H-E-B has impacted my life.

  • By Monett Cox

The other side of the coin

I don't think I can enter to win as I work at H-E-B Plus! But I just wanted to privately share what a great company it is to work for. I work in Blooms, the floral department and am blessed to meet some of the most caring and nicest people in Victoria and the surrounding areas. Two of my favorite customer memories so far is a lady came in to purchase a hand held bouquet for her mother. Sadly her mother passed away a few days afterwards. The lady came back to tell me thank you, that the last thing she gave to her mom were our beautiful flowers. My other feel good story is about Jon, the guy who came in months ago to buy flowers for his girlfriend for no reason other than"'she chose me." I'm now doing their wedding flowers next month!

  • By Paige Gedvillas

Buddy Bucks make a difference

My husband and I have a blended family with a grand total of seven children! We try to catch a break financially anytime we can. H-E-B's meal deals have been a huge help! Our kids love to help find all of the free items. My husband and I appreciate the Buddy Bucks as an incentive for good behavior during our shopping events. (it is an event with that many children!) We also appreciate the great personal customer service H-E-B offers. If we ever need assistance, someone is always there ready and smiling. That is the main reason that H-E-B is our store!

  • By Robyn Garza

Until the day I die

At 52 years old, I look back on memories of my life. Some of my most memorable experience in live where at the age of 11-14. I would go with my aunt Edna Laxson to different little towns. She was employed by H-E-B for many years. She went from a cashier to a cashier trainer. She would travel to Mattis, Senton, McAllen, Port Lavaca and many other areas to train new cashiers. As a young girl with not really knowing what I wanted to do when I got older. I felt as I was a employee like my favorite aunt. That was a very special time in my life and I look back and thank H-E-B for letting me be a part of it. Later on I had a cousin that was the Market Manager and still as a young married girl I shopped at H-E-B. And the tradition is still going strong. I still shop at H-E-B and will until I die. They became a part of my family years ago and nothing can brake that tie. Thank you H-E-B for letting me be a part of you. Many more years is what I look forward too.

  • By Claudette Rosales

Hill Country difference

My family and I moved to Victoria several years ago. The small town we moved from does not have an H-E-B, so one thing I was happy about was living in a town where I didn't have to drive an hour to go to H-E-B and buy groceries. Also, the prices at H-E-B are so much cheaper than what I was used to at our small town grocery store. I am always trying to save money without sacrificing flavor or quality, and all of the "Hill Country Fare" and "H-E-B" items that I buy are equal to their name brand counterparts. I love having great generic options for just about everything I need or want. Thank you, H-E-B, for being so great!

  • By Jenna Schmidt

Lifelong shopper

My family and aren't originally from Victoria, we moved here over two years ago and all I can say is that it's way different from my hometown. I remember walking into H-E-B for the first time lost and confused, the associates were very helpful. Also, even coming from a town with an H-E-B I seem to find new and better things things that I never found at my hometown store ( especially the meat packages) they really are a price saver!!!! I love H-E-B I don't shop anywhere else for groceries !!!

  • By Margaret Garcia

Caring for the community

Well I guess I can start out by saying i do love my H-E-B. For the last 29 almost 30 years, I cannot remember a time when I didn't got to H-E-B. I started going with my mom to shop back when H-E-B was on Navarro in the now Ashleys furniture building. When there was the most amazing Chinese food. I know I ate there a minimum of 3-4 times a week. We went to H-E-B for everything food, household supplies, etc. now I have a daughter and husband. We go to H-E-B probably 2-3 times a week not only is it convenient, but everyone is so nice and the savings always help financially. It would be an honor to be selected but if not at least we know how much H-E-B Care of their community.

  • By Ashley Lemmons

Summer camp experience the best

H-E-B has had a great impact on my life starting at an early age. As a young boy, I was able to attend a Summer Camp at the H-E-B Free Foundation Camp in Leakey, Texas. This H-E-B Summer Camp was something I would have never been able to afford to go to on my own. It really opened my eyes to God's creation and the beautiful Texas landscape on the Frio River. I made many friends and have some life long memories to hold onto thanks to the generosity of H-E-B. As I continue to shop at H-E-B today I know that I am not simply buying groceries, but I am helping to invest in the future of H-E-B and the future of Texas. Thank you H-E-B for the positive influence you have had on my life.

  • By Jesse Schultz

Becoming a wise shopper

A few years ago I was faced with being a single parent. With two teenagers that meant a serious look at my financial situation, it was budget cut, after budget cut. But I knew I could always walk into H-E-B, look over the ad, find coupons and have a choice of name brand or H-E-B brand. There are times when my receipt says I saved up to $23, which meant more food in the bag for my family. I knew I could find the freshest produce, meats and tortillas at the price I could afford. Having the pharmacy inside the store with an option to purchase generics vs name brand saved me lots of money, and opening an account inside the bank saved me from an extra trip to the bank. I could shop for groceries, pick up my medication, deposit my check, fill my car with gasoline and get a car wash all in one stop, what a lifesaver. Thank you H-E-B you have helped me learn to be a wise shopper and save my family money in doing so,

  • By Cynthia Salinas

Time with mom

Going to H-E-B with my mom was our Sunday afternoon ritual; we would gather up our coupons after church, double check our list, and head out for the three hour trip. I missed our bonding time when I left for college, so every weekend she came to see me, or I went home, we would make a trip to H-E-B. Coming home for the summer meant we would fall back into our old habits at H-E-B. Then I moved in to an apartment and our trips to H-E-B together practically ceased. We had to think of a new way to share H-E-B. We synchronized again and would call each other while at H-E-B to share Meal Deals, in store coupons, and how much we saved during our own trips. Every time we are together and need to go to H-E-B, we get to bond in the aisles again.

  • By Elizabeth Hargrove

Childhood memories

As a 44 year old, H-E-B will hold a special place in my heart because of the many childhood memories it brings to mind. Going with Grandma when she went shopping was a treat my brother and I would fight over. Those trips meant Grandma letting you push the cart and getting to go off by yourself to get one of the prized items on her list. Now going with Grandpa meant getting to have a Bama Pecan Pie, a coke (Big Red) and Funyuns, he wasn't as strict as Grandma when it came to grocery shopping or sticking to Grandma's list. My Grandparents meant the world to me, they have passed on, but every time I'm back home, I shop H-E-B. I take my time as I see brands on the shelf that my Grandma bought. In my mind, there's no better place to shop, it's a family tradition.

  • By Mary Hunziker

UFOs and marriage

H-E-B shaped my whole life. I was married at 18 and divorced at 28 with three children. H-E-B gave me the first job I ever had. I met my second husband there. We both had an interest U.F.O's at the time. Lawrence was a route salesman for R.C Cola here in El Campo. When he came into the store we started talking. My boss told him "why don't you take her U.F.O hunting". The rest as they say is history. He asked me out and 3 months later we were married. Although we moved twice I worked for H-E-B 25 year. I retired from there in 1985 but still see H-E-B most every day. I have been married to my husband for 47 years. We will always be grateful to H-E-B, for without them We would have never met.

  • By Marcelen Berglund

Lost son, then found

I have been shopping at H-E-B for years ...trying not to show my age. I will never forget the day I was there with my son, Will. This has been several years ago so he was approximately 6 years old. I was on the paper towel aisle and he loves to visit the "eating stations". He had finished his snack and went to throw it away not ten feet away from me. It took just a very few moments and he was gone. Of course I fault myself for not keeping a closer eye but he found an employee ... he knew because the gentleman had a badge on. I was paged overhead and reunited with my son because of this employee. It is the scariest moment when you cannot find your child. I was a mess by the time I saw him. So thank you so much for your patience in finding Wills mom that day!

  • By Shelli Green

A lifetime of growth with H-E-B

Four of us brother's first job was with H-E-B, starting in 1952. H-E-B helped me to finance my needs from high school through college. The brothers moved on from H-E-B to other careers but took the work ethic with us that we had learned at H-E-B and we continued as customers as well.

In fact, my extended family has enjoyed H-E-B ever since in the small and larger towns across Texas; I can list some twenty stores that make a steady impact on our collective lives even today, sixty-two years later. My immediate family enjoys the experience at Victoria's H-E-B Plus several times each week.

We like the dairy products, produce, cleaning supplies, paper goods, drugs, drinks, canned goods, meats, baked goods, frozen foods, seasonal goods, flowers, cosmetics, garden center, electronic center, wines, toys, books, videos, candies and sundries, buying several hundred dollars' worth every month. We like the friendly service and the clean, attractive appearance of the store and merchandise and plan to continue being loyal customers of H-E-B. My family has grown and H-E-B has grown and we have helped each other grow though out the many years.

  • By Douglas Chappell

Household name

At seventy four years old, H-E-B has been a household name for many years. My brother at age 15 started as a bag boy at H-E-B on Main Street. He loved the company and loved working his way up throughout the years. He won many awards and eventually got his own store in Port Lavaca. His training with H-E-B provided him the opportunity to get his own little "Mom and Pop" grocery store in Wharton TX. He kept that little store spotless and loved his customers. Diagnosed with ALS at age 50, staying afloat in his store was really a chore for him even though I provided him with an electric car. Eventually he just couldn't keep up and he lost everything trying to keep the store going. His disease lasted 23 years and his mind was still sharp as a tack but he was pretty much numb from the chest down. His determination and quiet manner is to be commended. I thank H-E-B for giving him the opportunity to do what he loved most in life and that was be a grocer and help his customers by providing them with the very best of service.

  • By Peggy A. Warren, sister to Kenneth L. Birmingham

An ode to H-E-B

H-E-B is great, H-E-B is good, H-E-B is where my family gets food. From diapers and milk to fruits and red meat, to holidays and birthdays, it just can't be beat. Their prices are the best and just low enough, that it brings me relief when the going gets tough. Their friendliness and cleanliness and smiles all around, makes this place the best store in town. Without H-E-B I don't know what we'd do, so all I have left to say is ... thank you.

  • By Lillie Sifuentes

Everything we need

I love H-E-B because they also every thing I need for my family and me. Love the prices and products. Cant find things I want anywhere else. Love the friendly faces and the wonderful help they give every section. Don't shop anywhere else for food or personal stuff. The kids love there. Y'all always have what they want and it makes me happy. Love all the specials and discounts y'all have. Love the fact that its so easier to find everything. The fact I can buy food and get gas all in one place.

  • By Diane Nesler

The Saturday adventures

Every Saturday my son and I look forward to going to shopping at H-E-B ! This has become our Saturday thing to do . My son is Cameron Castillo and he is 3 1/2 years old and just loves this store its his favorite place , kinda funny don't you think? We could spend our whole afternoon at H-E-B and that's not even at H-E-B Plus. I couldn't imagine how long we would stay there. What I love most about H-E-B is the low prices, especially since I have to shop for two families now. You see My Father was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and is no longer able to work. They are on a very restricted income and after their bills they have no money left . So this H-E-B gift card would help tremendously!! This is one more reason why I love H-E-B!!

  • By Alicia Cordova

"Hello, welcome to H-E-B!"

Every Sunday morning that's what I hear when I enter the store to do my weekly shopping. With a 6 person household H-E-B is home away from home. I write up my shopping list based on the new layout and I off I go, coffee cup in one hand and coupons in the other. In January I dedicated myself to a healthier lifestyle so I love that I'm able to fill my cart with fresh and organic options.

Knowing that I'm able to support local commerce with fresh caught Gulf seafood is nice as well. The cooking depot makes creating a weekly menu easier by creating their recipes there in store for me to taste before I buy and when the kids are along the highlight of their trip is being able to get a sample. And it's a one stop shop, not just groceries i can get everything from protein powder for my husband to pampers for the baby. I never feel like I need to price match items because I know that I'm getting a great deal.

I feel like I've hit the lottery when there's a combo loco with any of the items on my list. There's not too many trips when I don't walk away with 2 or 3 of my items for free because of this. And to top it off I always get really great coupons upon checkout based around items I purchased meaning I'm more likely to use them! H-E-B makes my life easier and as a mom of 4 boys I really appreciate that. Thanks H-E-B!

  • By Brandi Ramirez

Exemplary service

H-E-B has always been my go-to store, even when I briefly lived in a large city that had many other shopping opportunities. My faith/love in H-E-B is constantly reaffirmed by its employees. One time my mother and I were shopping in the produce section. My mom picked up one the last containers of a specific brand of grape tomatoes.

The container was slightly damaged which caused a majority of the tomatoes to spill out onto the floor. Horrified that we had tomatoes rolling around everywhere, we quickly recovered them and placed them back in the container.

We found one of your lovely produce employees and informed him that we had accidentally dropped the tomatoes on the floor. We asked if there were any more packages of this same brand of grape tomatoes. The gentleman replied that there was not.

However, he offered to take the tomatoes in the back and wash them with a special vegetable wash. He said the tomatoes would be the cleanest around.

He washed the tomatoes, brought them back to us, and asked if he could help with anything else. We politely told him that we did not require anymore assistance and thanked him for his proactive response. The employee left a great impression upon us. I even emailed H-E-B to notify them of the excellent customer service we received.

I know people usually only contact the higher ups when something is wrong but I think it's very important to let them know when you experience great customer service and a great employee. I received a phone call a day later from the manager of the store thanking me for the kudos for the employee and how he totally agree that the employee was an asset to the store. With great customer service at all levels, great produce, awesome H-E-B brand products, and the best prices around, you'd be hard pressed to find a better store than H-E-B!

  • By Mandi Overby

Make my day

Back when I was younger when I had to go to H-E-B, like anything else when I was told to do it I really didn't want to go but as an adult and have grown to love H-E-B, I love going. Being from a small town with a small store is ok because you can at least get what you need. On the other hand going to H-E-B Plus is just that a PLUS. Shopping at H-E-B has never been so much fun. I really enjoy going every chance I'm in Victoria. Walking around and looking at all the new items H-E-B sells now is interesting. Being that I used to live in Victoria in the 70's and have relatives there it seems to be the best place to run into family and that is great. H-E-B has made a great impact in my life because coming from a small town I still look forward to the H-E-B Plus every time I can go and that makes my day.

  • By Lucinda Cordova

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