Yoakum High School

Yoakum High School

Yoakum High School received a second outside threat this week on Tuesday afternoon, according to a statement released on the Yoakum school district’s Facebook page.

It was the second threat the schools has faced in two days, as both the high and junior high schools received an “outside threat” Monday afternoon, as well.

The district’s statement said the Yoakum Police Department had apprehended a suspect on Monday, after the campus was locked down and dismissal delayed “until the safety of students and staff was cleared.”

On Tuesday, the district said the high school received another outside threat and all YISD schools were put on lockdown.

The statement said parents could go to the high school’s cafeteria to pick up students and that other district campuses were to be released at regular times on Tuesday.

The Victoria Advocate was unable to reach the district’s superintendent or the Yoakum Police Department for comment. The nature of the threats was unclear as of Tuesday evening.

In Wharton County, a student at Wharton Junior High was apprehended by Wharton school district police on Tuesday after making a threat against the school around 11 a.m., according to a statement by the district’s Superintendent Michael O’Guin.

A teacher overheard the threat and reported it to campus administration, leading to the arrest.

The Victoria Advocate was unable to reach O’Guin or the school district police for further comment, but the statement says the campus “proceeded with normal operations” and that “all staff and students are safe.”

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