NOVO BAR AL6000 at MJBizCon Las Vegas

NOVO BAR AL6000 at MJBizCon Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- NOVO BAR, a renowned vape brand, showcased its new product AL6000 at the 2022 Las Vegas MJBizcon Trade Show, that took place this year between Nov 16 and 18. This year's Las Vegas MJBizcon Trade Show attracted smoke and vape shops, dispensaries, glass blowers, online marketers, and cultivation product & service industry professionals from around the world.

Founded in 2020, NOVO BAR is a disposable vape brand designed for the US market. It is committed to using industry leading technologies to provide customers with a more extreme taste and a better atomization experience. With the motto successfully 'making ultimate taste better', the brand is relatively new on the market. Nevertheless, NOVOBAR has seen healthy growth, and it has made a strong breakthrough with its new product, the AL6000.

AL6000, designed by the well-established vape company SMOK, is produced based on the demand for large-mouth disposable vapes in the US market. It has attracted the attention of the industry with its exquisite design and excellent performance.

AL6000 is intended to redefine the meaning of the 'ultimate flavor'. It keeps users clear about the remaining battery life and e-liquid capacity with battery&e-liqiud indicator. It brings them an experience they won't find in any other disposable vape  It's designed to please the taste buds, with the rechargeable battery and the pre-filled e-liquid of 13ml able to deliver up to 6000 puffs.

The meshed coil is the key as to why the AL6000 can generate such amazing flavors. With an airflow control function, AL6000 can cater to many different vaping preferences.

Main Features of AL6000


13ml pre-filled e-liquid & up to 6000 puffs

E-liquid indicator & Battery life indicator

Size in 78* 42* 25mm

Built-in 650 mAh battery capacity

Meshed coil & adjustable airflow

The AL6000 grabbed the attention of many vape enthusiasts, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors, who came by the NOVO BAR booth for product testing at the MJBzicon. With an emphasis on innovation, great flavors, and top quality, it's easy to see why the AL6000 has proven so popular.

As a star product of NOVO BAR, the AL6000 surpasses other typical disposable vape brands in performance and is well placed to be at the forefront of the fast-developing disposable vaping industry.

In the future, NOVO BAR will continue to focus on consumer needs, carry out a diversified product line, create high-quality products for all vapers around the world, and accelerate the development of the vaping industry.

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