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Editor, the Advocate:

Where to start? The devil is alive and well in America today. When we see those wanting to tear down crosses and abortions continue even government-funded, we know the beliefs of the founders of our country are not taught or understood. Why should we say almost all universities are teaching socialism or we see candidates for president advocating free handouts (socialism)? Then there are those Democrats who say they are not socialists but promote everything socialist – like free college tuition, government health care, payments for not working. Then I hear on conservative talk shows, the question, “Where do these un-American, unconstitutional ideas come from?” We must remember there is, if you want to call it a conspiracy or not, a movement toward one world socialist government. That runs directly against the Judeo-Christian republic established by the founders in our Constitution that has been called the miracle of America. Remember also the founders said the constitution is strictly for a moral and religious people.

The founders also warned us against foreign entanglements, and now we already have the United Nations, World Trade Organization, NATO, NAFTA and prospects of other partnerships. Anytime we join these agreements, we make commitments and give up some of our ability to make our own decisions. Right now, the new Untied States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) is due to be approved by Congress to replace NAFTA. Of the overall agreement, which adds 12 more chapters, very little deals with trade. It creates a commission between the three countries. We get one out of three votes with two socialist neighbors. That commission can make its own rules and changes without approval or consent of our Congress.

USMCA had been called NAFTA on steroids. No, we are not against trade, but we do agree with the founders who warned against agreements that erode our freedom and independence. This new agreement is just another step toward a North American Union. USMCA has been called a deathblow to American sovereignty. To keep it from passing in Congress, we all need to make calls to our senators and congressmen to vote “no” when it comes up for a vote. Now, that is not asking very much if you think about all those who gave their all for our freedom.

For freedom and independence. God bless America.

Obert Sagebiel, Cuero

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Ron Sandidge

I guess the term for the old National Socialists Party of Germany is now a curse word. Not according to progressive Democrats.

Michael Gomez

I never heard progressives being concerned The old National Socialist Party of Germany. You must to pick that up off of AM Hate radio. Who really cares?

Ron Sandidge

Maybe you need to turn off CNN and PMSNBC and learn what Democrats are really doing that they won't report. Learn from a real Democrat who researches. https://youtu.be/i4bis-yaANE

Michael Gomez

If I want to watch television it’s usually Houston Astro baseball. You go ahead and watch your YouTube and call it research .....I’ll stick with books and newspapers

Ron Sandidge

According to the new Democrat Progressives being Conservative is the new, like they know what a real is. They say we are inclusive, as long as you are approved to be included. CNN MSNBC will decide.

Daniel Martin

After reading this letter to the editor twice I think we have an idea what is the writer's long term goal. First remove all non-judo-christian individuals from the continental United States. Then hire the worlds largest glass manufacturer. Create a gigantic glass dome (with a few holes at the top) and place it over the United States of America. Problem solved. Total isolation from the rest of the nasty, evil non-conforming people that are not suitable. Not sure what to do with Hawaii and Alaska. Maybe rent them out for vacations, with rigid standards to keep the undesirables out.

Michael Gomez

There has been a rash of “Chicken Little-The Sky is Falling” LTTEs lately, placing the entire blame on the Democrats. What a powerful group, especially since the GOP controls the Senate, the executive and 5 controlling justices on SCOTUS. Climate change, income inequality, toxic water in Flint, MI. or the inhumane conditions children are having to go through at our detention centers are never mentioned. No, it’s all about their paranoia, like capitalism will be replaced by socialism (they don’t know the definition of socialism), they think Democrats want open borders but can’t name a single legislator that does. They want us to come together, as long we adhere to their ideology and religion.

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