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Editor, the Advocate:

Most Americans understand the Democratic Party represents the more liberal side of politics, while the Republican Party imparts the conservative side. This difference had provided a somewhat balance to our political system; however, today, radical socialists have basically taken control of the Democratic Party. They have moved the party to the extreme left, causing gridlock in Congress, and have become a major factor causing national divide by using every means possible to create chaos and racial turmoil. Their creed is divide and conquer with a long-term goal of converting America into a socialist nation.

Some might say, where is the evidence that our American system is at risk? One only has to view the economic proposals/programs and political beliefs of all 20-plus Democrat/Socialist presidential candidates. They all act like a bunch of parrots by supporting most, if not all, of the far left socialist agenda. Even Joe Biden has capitulated to the radical left of the Democratic Party by changing his personal/political position on abortion and the Hyde Amendment. None of these candidates appear to have any new or workable/realistic ideas in solving our nation’s problems – domestic or foreign.

Basically, the Democratic/Socialist Party realizes they cannot compete favorably with President Trump’s economic success; therefore, they will use their favorite tactic of promising massive new welfare freebies and programs. They will try to convince minorities and naive Americans that their welfare promises can be accomplished without destroying our economy or raising our national debt. They will tell the public that by using various wealth-sharing concepts, such as substantially raising the taxes on the rich, ample money will become available to pay for their welfare agenda. Of course, they won’t admit that once you overtax the rich, they will take countermeasures, causing job losses, rising unemployment, a stagnant economy, a rise in small business failures, etc.

Assuming substantially raising taxes on the rich will not produce adequate revenue to support socialist-promised agenda items, consider the following negative options they might use to raise more revenue: Repeal Trump’s middle income tax cuts, tax retirement accounts, print new money, raise social security taxes and increase Medicare premiums, raise taxes on gasoline and hundreds of miscellaneous items, dramatically reduce military spending, etc.

Hopefully, America will wake up and recognize the failed system that socialism represents.

Respectfully submitted,

Allen J. Novosad, Edna

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Glen or Janice Ullman

In response to Allen J. Novosad’s letter, I believe he does not know the definition of Socialism. Socialism is an economic and political system where the ways of making a living (factories, offices, etc.) are owned by the workers who run them and the people who depend on them, meaning the value made belongs to the people who make it, instead of a group of private owners. Mr. Trump is a media man and he is very good at it. He can spin everything but he has to lie to do it. This is called branding. This works on people who are preoccupied with demands in their life . Mr. Trump lies to the American people, disregards our laws, degrades and insults anyone who disagrees with him(including members of his own party), insults our foreign allies, praises dictators, bypasses Congress to appoint unqualified or corrupt acting members to his administration (and stands up for them when their corrupt deeds are revealed) and etc., etc., etc. The Republican Party IS NOT what it was. Trump has destroyed the definition of conservative or patriotic. The only thing he knows is loyalty to him. The Republican Party is now a Monarchy. God bless and save America from the King. Janice Ullman

Grace Butler

While I recognize that a letter to the editor is not exactly a research paper, I'd like to see some sources cited on a few of your claims. First off, any indication that the radical socialists taking over the Democratic party want to convert America to socialism, which, as per the dictionary, is "any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods". I have yet to see any Democratic candidates argue for the government to abolish private property and take sole ownership of everything. I'm also curious about your mention of Trump's middle-class tax breaks. I can't find any evidence of permanent tax breaks on anyone making less than 150,000 a year, where are you finding that listing of his tax breaks?

Pat Tally

Dear Sir, Please don’t tell us Democrats who we are, give us names we do not claim, expound on what we plan to do and how we will do it. You are not a Democrat so just stick to letting us know what in the world the Republicans are doing by allowing the national debt to escalate to record level; destroying families through pointless and extremely expensive separation and relocation camps; planning pro do away with healthcare and environmental safety nets, giving an avowed liar and incompetent President the right to override the Congress of the United States, consort with our enemies and turn his back on our nation friends. You and your ilk have much to answer for, including throwing around the term socialist that we do not use or identify ourselves as such. Call us liberals, progressives, Democrats and we will proudly answer. We are the party of FDR, JFK MLK, Carter, Clinton and Obama and our concerns and priorities have remained the same since the New Deal, Social Security, Medicare and the Affordable Healthcare Act: the betterment of all our citizens and equal opportunity for all. God Bless America

John Price

Pat you remember the old saying if it walks like a duck etc. The national debt soared under Obama and the Democrats took Social Security out of its special fund and put it in the general fund and spent it. Al Gore made sure our Social Security would be taxed. The Affordable Healthcare Act destroyed people's ability to keep their doctor and insurance company. Obama lied to the American people. John Price

Michael Gomez

Republicans never let the facts get in the way of a good myth....First, admit what Obama inherited from the GOP...Second is a favorite of mine, Social Security myths...From the Social Security website. “The Social Security Administration responds directly to this claim. The Social Security Trust Fund has never been “put into the general fund of the government.” For this myth to be fact, it would require a 50 year conspiracy that crosses administrations, political parties, and ideologies.” “The myth seems connected to LBJ’s proposal to move Social Security into the Federal budget. In short, yes LBJ recommended that the budget process should include the revenue and expense of Social Security. No, his recommendation did not actually move any money from Social Security. You might consider this distinction like filing 1040 jointly with a spouse. While the 1040 form reports the income and expense of both spouses, it does not move any money between accounts.”...AS Vice president or Senator, how could Al Gore overpower the wishes of 535 members of Congress to make sure Social Security would be taxed? Even if the evil Democrats took Social Security (they didn't) why didn't GOP administrations repeal it? The ACA made health care available for 20 million people and for the first time insurance companies were not allowed to descriminate because of pre-existing conditions.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Under Obama the deficit soared to avoid a financial collapse. Under Trump the deficit is soaring during a recovered economy. Social Security was not put in the General Fund. The trust funds run surpluses in that the amount paid in by current workers is more than the amount paid out to current beneficiaries. These surpluses are given to the U.S. Treasury (and thus become part of the general federal budget) in exchange for special U.S. government securities, which are deposited into the trust funds. If the trust funds begin running deficits, meaning more in benefits are paid out than contributions paid in, the Social Security Administration is empowered to redeem the securities and use those funds to cover the deficit. Fifteen (15) percent of Social Security benefits are not taxable. In theory this is the amount the employee and employer contributed to Social Security. The taxable/non taxable status of the remaining 85% of social security benefits is based on a beneficiaries total income. Janice Ullman

Daniel Martin

Have you noticed the national debt under Trump? $23 Trillion and climbing.

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