Michael Cloud

Michael Cloud

Editori’s note: This article originally appeared in The Daily Signal.

Israel is under attack – both in its own homeland and in ours.

One week, The New York Times runs an anti-Semiwtic cartoon. The next week, Hamas launches 600 rocket attacks against Israel.

These are merely some of the more recent occurrences in an ongoing effort by the global anti- Israel community – which now includes members of our own Congress – to delegitimize and destroy one of our most reliable allies and to bolster a terrorist regime that harms Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Israel’s opponents employ a host of double standards. Hamas attempts to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible through indiscriminate rocket attacks, yet international outrage is directed at Israel’s precision strikes – in self-defense – against military targets that seek to minimize civilian casualties.

But just imagine if the situation were reversed, if Israel’s enemies were the ones who held a decisive military advantage. Hamas would without a doubt destroy Israel if only they had the capability, but Israel time and again has shown exceptional restraint in seeking peace.

When President Donald Trump rightly followed through on our longstanding commitment to move the U.S Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the anti-Israel community insisted that Israel be the only nation on earth denied the right to determine its own capital.

The United Nations falsely accuses Israel of human rights violations while ignoring actual human rights violations committed by nations like Cuba, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, all of which sit on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Here in the United States, anti-Semitic attacks, including at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue and last month at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in California, have led to a growing unease among Jewish communities.

Even in Congress, anti- Semitic statements have become a regular occurrence, with members such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., characterizing Jews in Israel as using money and hypnotism to control world leaders – slurs that have centuries-old anti-Semitic roots.

House leadership recently had the opportunity to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, yet lacked the courage to stand up to these vocal anti-Semitic members, opting instead to pass a vaguely worded resolution against “hatred” in general.

Just this week, in an attempt to smear Israel, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., made the wildly inaccurate claim that Palestinians provided “safe haven” to Jewish refugees, when in fact Palestinian leaders (including the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini) allied themselves with Hitler and attempted to bar entry to those fleeing persecution.

Ever since, terrorist groups like Hamas have waged violence against Israel, with the recent rocket attacks being only the latest instance. And to do this day, the Palestinian Authority compensates many who are imprisoned for acts of terrorism against Israeli citizens, along with many families of terrorists who died committing such acts.

But what the blame-Israel-first crowd refuses to acknowledge is that Hamas is responsible not just for violence against Israel, but for victimizing Palestinians themselves. The terrorist organization has not allowed legitimate elections to take place since it took over Gaza in 2007. And the Palestinian people have paid dearly – both materially and with their lives – for multiple wars started by Hamas against Israel.

In fact, hundreds of fed-up Gaza residents recently protested their government’s actions, and were fired on by Hamas forces.

Hamas also consistently misuses funds that could be used to benefit the Palestinian people, instead choosing to fund terrorism. Hamas spent $90 million to build tunnels for use in terrorist attacks – money that could have funded thousands of homes or hundreds of medical clinics.

And if that weren’t enough to demonstrate Hamas’ true priorities, consider that they routinely use Palestinian residents as human shields, firing rockets at Israel from schools, mosques, and hospitals in order to maximize their own civilian casualties and win international sympathy when Israel responds in self-defense.

We recently recognized Holocaust Remembrance Day, and social media was filled with messages of #NeverAgain – even as Israel’s enemies plotted its destruction and anti-Semitic voices in our own nation condemned Israel’s acts of self-defense.

Israel is a committed ally and a reliable friend of the United States, one that shares our commitment to peace and liberty. America must continue both to support Israel against foreign threats and to stand up against anti-Semitism here at home.

Michael Cloud was elected this past summer to represent the 27th District of Texas in Congress. Cloud lives in Victoria with his wife, Rosel, and their three children.

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(5) comments

gregory goetz

Continue. A cable news reporter caught my attention when he planned to interview Israeli soldiers near/in Gaza probably in 2014. The first two were Americans! They told what US cities they called home. Sorry I can't give evidence. I recall "Toledo.".... I met a man at a gathering and he was using posters to educate and protest US corporate damage to S. Amer. indigenous people. He quit his engineer job for Caterpillar over this. His work had been to improve automation in heavy eqpt. Turn them into drones? I think of Avatar. He was well-aware of Rachel Corrie's death in Gaza by a US-manufactured, Israeli-driven Caterpillar bulldozer on Palestinian land..... I can now think a bit more clearly on this issue. Enough.

gregory goetz

Maybe I am fooled by some of the following. Let me know. See a YouTube video of thousands of Orthodox Jews gathered in Brooklyn to protest Israeli policies, and explain why it is religious violation. 6/12/17.... See Alison Weir's presentations about the unbalanced media presentation in the Isr-Pal conflict. She compiles stats on rockets, deaths, injuries, imprisonment. Website is IfAmericansKnew.org. Try video at National press Club 3/7/14 of a Summit on US-Isr Special Relationship Reassessment..... Watch Miko Peled's presentations, e.g. Seattle 10/1/12. A Jew raised in Jerusalem who woke up because of his sister's reaction to her 11yo daughter's death by Pal suicide bombing. She did not blame the Pals but blamed her govt for making them so desperate. Peled's father was a popular Isr general. His mother had refused long before to move in to a home offered her by the gov because she knew it had been confiscated from some Pal family. Good woman. Peled studied and learned he had been taught myths about Isr history. He had special access to military records bec of his father. His presentation gives a lot of history I never knew. He is an activist for Palestinian causes..... Thos. Moorer was Chief of Naval Ops in '67-'70 and Chairman of Jt Chiefs of Staff '70-'74. He concluded that Isr knowingly tried to sink/kill all on the USS Liberty and maybe blame its Arab enemy. Fool us in US to join them vs Arabs. A form of false flag event. See below, too. Israeli leaders ordered their sailors and pilots to kill our sailors. Pres Johnson and SecDef McNamara called the US rescue planes back before they arrived!.... Watch Mehdi Hassan interview Dani Dayan on Head to Head YouTube published 7/6/13 before some displaced Palestinians. Dayan is a Jewish settlement leader who was raised in Argentina by Ukrainian parents and explains his right to take Pal West Bank land for himself..... Rahm Emanuel did a small amount of volunteer work for the Isr army long ago. His father became a Chicago pediatrician but had been a terrorist working to create a Jewish state. He specialized in bombs on British soldier buses. Gr Britain had military authority in the area since WW1 ended. Terrorizing them and Jews in other cities and blaming others could hasten formation of a new Jewish state. It worked. See Salem-News.com 1/26/11 and others. Need to pause.

gregory goetz

The Moorer Commission in 2002 in Washington, D.C. decided that Israel committed an act of war on the US in 1967. Who? Moorer, former Joint Chief of Staff, R Davis, Marine Corps, Ambassador J Adkins, MStaring USNavy. See the info on the US Liberty. Israel tried to convince us that Egypt sank the USS Liberty. Sailors today try to tell us the truth. Most Jews and Israelis have nothing to do w this. They/we should learn.

Pat Tally

Once again, I’m baffled by how a representative of a mostly rural south Texas District, finds anti Israel sentiment to be a priority. How about things that are important to the Crossroads such as lack of access to psychiatric care, underfunded public education, long over due road and bridge repairs, voter suppression and the desperate need for a workable immigration program. Of course, that would mean showing some backbone and standing up to the current Resident of the White House who wants to eliminate the AHA and psych coverage, sell arms to Saudis (isn’t that anti Israel?) , and undercut public education any way he can. We needed good representation after Farenthold and we got a Trump water-boy. Sad.

Glenn Wilson

Pat -- From the start of Cloud's campaign I've always gotten the impression he wants to take a run at the presidency some day. If so, then wading into international matters right out of the gate isn't surprising. Surprising would be for Cloud or any politician of either party to actually give a fat rat's patoot about the American people beyond doing just enough to stay elected. As for being Trump's water-boy, IMO Cloud is enough of a chameleon that he's whatever he thinks will work for him.

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