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Editor, the Advocate:

Folks observing today’s politics are seeing a trend that is tilting noncitizens’ interests ahead of those that pay taxes and are expecting and hoping government-mandated Medicare, Medicaid and like programs will be available for them after being a contributor to our local, state and government entities.

The bleak reality is the pressure America must endure to sustain folks crossing our southern border. We have become obligated to house, feed, educate, provide health resources and provide basic civil services for all of their life that was once meant to help America’s poor.

Our divided national politics encourages this to continue as unlawful cities give refuge and support to this crisis. Our infrastructure and available funding is being stretched to the maximum. This causes monies and support to be allocated from other sources, reducing or ending important services that were meant for legal, taxpaying American citizens.

If we, as America, want to become a Third World nation like the folks that are charging across our border are from, then let’s continue what we are doing. When our resources, infrastructure and wealth are depleted, we all will be playing on the same level field. This allows us to be vulnerable to our adversaries as we step aside of being a world power.

We must demand of all our government to protect and serve its lawful legal citizens that pay their salary. It should be protecting our interests. We can no longer police the world, much less house the world.

America’s sentiment also makes us a target to be taken advantage of Russia, China, North Korea and like nations do not share this dilemma; why?

Don Cook, Port Lavaca

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Glenn Wilson

"why?" -- Well, it appears to be a process of importing a huge population of lifelong Democrats, especially as the Democratic party is currently lacking a platform or candidates that have any interest in, or appeal for, taxpaying American citizens. Like any politicians, they're so shortsighted and self-serving that they simply don't care what happens to America in the future as long as they're in power right now. The Republicans, with their idea that the best way to reduce the deficit is to eliminate SS, Medicare and Medicaid, are just as scary as the Democrats.

Greg Smith

No Glenn, DemocRATS are just a more loving, inclusive party, at least that’s the BS they are trying to sell us. It has nothing to do with importing millions of new voters, who will do nothing for the U.S., except vote “Dâ€. Make them (Dims) an offer, illegals, dreamers and so forth can stay here on a work plan, but never be allowed to vote and watch how quickly they go for the deal. Hint: THEY WON’T! More compassionate my foot, just as you have pointed out, time and again, it is about buy votes, thus buying power....

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