Bill Pozzi

Bill Pozzi

Texans were supposed to have the Republican State Convention on July 20. The Mayor of Houston canceled the use of the building that the event was supposed to be held in. The lawsuit went to the Texas Supreme Court and the Republicans lost.

We are now having a virtual convention in our homes or small venues. Why was the convention not called off a month earlier? At best, this is voter suppression.

The Texas Republican Convention is the largest political event in the world; we attract 9,700 voters.

It generates great enthusiasm for the Republican Party and the momentum stretches into November.

Republicans can no longer trust Democratic cities to have events in, I hope we never have a convention in Houston.

Government defiantly had its ugly partisan hand in curtailing the free expression of political thought and freedom of speech. Shame on Houston.

Government also has its rabid reach in picking winners and losers in the COVID-19 shutdown.

Walmart can be open, but a Mom and Pop store cannot, unless the business is essential.

Believe me that business is essential to those poor folks trying to make a living. How can you pay the rent without cash flow?

If the government can shut down the retail or restaurant business or restrict it to a percentage of tables served, why doesn’t the rest of the money train have to suffer the same consequence?

So, let’s say I have a retail business that is shut down, I think the landlord should not have the right to collect his rent and the landlord should not have to pay his mortgage or property tax while the shutdown is in effect.

The rent and taxes not paid or mortgage not paid should be deferred to the end of the payment cycle.

If the business is restricted to 25% capacity, then the lease for the building, property taxes and the money going to pay the location lender should be held to 25% and deferred to the end of the cycle, or paid in small chunks monthly.

Fair is fair.

The actions of government have many uncontrolled consequences. Minority owned business are suffering.

I read a statistic last week that 39% of black-owned businesses most likely will not reopen, and if this slow down does go until January that figure will be 50% of those business.

Most businesses that I have owned were working on a shoestring, money was always tight. I would roll around in my bed at night like a rotisserie chicken worried how to make payroll and make my lease payment.

It must be torture for those small business owners who do not know when the virus will subside or the government will call another shut down.

We all must learn how to deal and prosper with the coronavirus, do not tell us what not to do, tell us how to productively live and prosper in these trying times.

I pray every day for businesses in Victoria that are having financial difficulties. Most small business entrepreneurs have everything they own invested in their establishments.

I hope God blesses us with a cure, or work around drugs that allow us to go back to the movies, to go out to eat, and just be able to socialize with people again.

Support Victoria businesses; do not let the American Dream die.

Bill Pozzi is the Victoria County Republican Party chairman and a community volunteer. He served in the Vietnam and Iraq wars as a Navy Seal. He may be emailed at

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(6) comments

Glenn Wilson

"I hope God blesses us with a cure" -- Yeah, right. Let there be...

Alonzo Salazar

These things happen when the Texas Supreme Court gets packed with leftists activists judges.

Willie Ellis

Texas is a “red state”. The Texas Governor and state officials locked arms and followed Trump’s and Trump’s CDC approved guidelines for the Covid 19 responses.

Our local mayor and local Covid 19 Response Team aligned itself with the Governor’s office.

The decisions that affect our local community are aligned with Federal (Trump) State (Abbott) and the Mayor of Victoria. Which of these three people is this writer blaming?

Willie Ellis

“The lawsuit went to the Texas Supreme Court and the Republicans lost.”

Will someone please do the research and inform the writer of how many republicans and how many democratic judges are on the Texas Supreme Court?

James Garland

You can't be serious. I also was disappointed they didn't have the full blown ,no restriction, convention in Houston. I thought that way we can at least eliminate a third of you guys. I'm not really a democrat but this guy is a dictator who has destroyed our constitution . What happened to our governments' checks and balances.? I don't think we can survive if he wins this election.

Alonzo Salazar

James Garland, Perhaps Mr Pozzi can join Trump at his Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida. And if Big Government cancels that too, he take a seat at Mar Lago with Trump. I think we all know how far he’ll get past that gate.

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