Pat Tally

Pat Tally

I fought hard for this Democratic presidential win, and I am still celebrating it but certainly will not miss the political turmoil of the past four years. I have always followed politics, and I always vote. I have liberal preferences, and I am a life-long Democrat. However, the partisan clashes that have dominated my waking hours have been draining. The anxiety over the state of my country and the fear for its future has taken the joy out of being an American. I want to be done with it. I want to be able to focus on Victoria and how to make life here better for all of us.

One of the most puzzling issue for many voters is why are local elections partisan. Why does it matter whether a county clerk, a district attorney or a justice of the peace in Victoria County runs as a Democrat or a Republican? The very act of having to designate a political party, ties the candidate to the noise and conflict of national politics. The job they are elected to do has next to nothing to do with who is president. They will have to adhere to national laws and local pressures no matter their designated party. Our challenge, at the local level, is to step away from national politics and animosity and make a good faith effort to ignore party labels and the biases they carry. Let’s look more closely at how our city and county have been faring while we have been out flying banners and riding our computers into partisan hell.

No one who runs for elected office in a city or county race does it thinking they might get to deal with a major disaster. Current elected officials were focused on fulfilling their job description when they were blindsided by a mysterious global pandemic. No one could be prepared for the task of explaining policy, science, and human nature on a daily basis. But it happened, and one thing is sure, when we choose candidates in the future, we will be judging them differently than in the past. We now know incredible unforeseen events can happen and the decisions made by our state and local leaders can deeply affect the well-being of each and every one of us. What we now know is that, whatever occurs, we want them to be ready to learn and ready to lead. We want them to identify more closely with our neighborhood issues, our personal situations, and our interests. We, as a community, have some deep fissures to repair. The low income, marginally housed, and food insecure part of our community bore, and still bears, an unfair share of the responsibility for keeping our local economy afloat. Clerks, servers, assistants, repairmen and caregivers did not have a meaningful choice to stay home and stay safe during the pandemic. They were expected to continue working under unusual and difficult circumstances not always shared by others in the community. In spite of being labeled essential, their incomes did not increase, nor were their jobs guaranteed.

When I hear people say they have no idea who their city councilperson or county commissioner or JP is, I wonder why that is. In the coming months, those people, along with other city and county employees, will be charged with addressing budgets devastated by the extra health care costs of this pandemic. These leaders will have to formulate ways for us to rebuild, reopen and reorganize agencies and services for the betterment of all Victoria residents. We cannot be ready for regional economic growth opportunities if our citizens, our work force, are taken for granted and left to manage as best they can during a time of unprecedented difficulties. If people can’t find housing, can’t pay their rent, have child care issues related to school accessibility, and face increased costs for basic household items, how can we expect them to bear the burden of helping us keep open our businesses, schools and entertainment venues?

Victorians need to put aside all the political rivalry and partisanship that exists at the national level and focus on ourselves for a while. We must surely be able to come together, no matter what our yard signs said. Now is the time to do some soul-searching about how we can each help this community stabilize and grow. We need candidates for future races, local races, that represent our diverse neighborhoods not the guy in Washington. Now is the time to identify future leaders and encourage them to start thinking about running for office so they can be prepared when the opportunity presents itself. We must insist that they meet with us, talk to us and understand the needs of the community they wish to represent. Now is the season of coming together over what Victoria thinks and what Victoria needs.

Pat Tally is chairwoman of the Victoria County Democratic Party. Before retiring to Victoria, she was the director of a clinical social work department in a large Dallas hospital system for 22 years. She may be emailed at

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Quincy Thompson

Pat, your question of why we have local elections on party lines was answered by your first paragraph where you labeled yourself as a liberal and a democrat. You did that to tell people where you stand and how you think and feel about issues. We all do it whether we realize it or not. For example I am a Christian and with that label you should have a decent idea of my expected behavior and philosophy of life. If you label yourself as a member of a political party you are saying that its foundation or party platform is what you believe and how you believe things should be done. For example as a Democrat you are 1. Pro abortion up to and including late term abortion. 2. Pro gun registration and confiscation. 3. Pro welfare state maintenance. 4. Pro open borders to include free medical care. 5. Pro Socialism. As a Republican I am 1. Pro Life. 2. Pro 2nd Amendment. 3. Pro economic development with job opportunities. 4. Pro Border Control with legal immigration. 5. Pro Capitalism. In elections I used to pick off different parties to try and get the best people until I realized that I wanted people who I agree with in those jobs because I support their views. Therefore I look for good people in the primaries.

In your last paragraph you said we should put all our differences aside and join together for the country as the election is over. For 4 (FOUR) years the Democratic Party has refused to admit that Trump won the election. It has done everything possible to demean him, belittle him, lie about him and called him every name in the book. You have joined with the liberal news (Fake News), Big Tech, Wall Street and Big Pharma to blast him for four years and during the election. Your party impeached him over a phone call that was "perfect" while Biden is on record on video doing what you said was wrong and it is perfectly fine! Your party has supported the riots, burnings and looting of Antifa and BLM and yet you say we need to clean up our act. I believe the actions of your groups on the peaceful Trump supporters in DC this weekend says it all and don't say it didn't happen because there are videos of it. Your party has divided this country, of course you have blamed us, and it will be years before we will be able to get back to where we were, if we are even able to. I believe that your party used the China Virus as an excuse and opportunity to use ballot mailings to fraud the election and you were evidently successful. Now you and your village idiot want us to all hold hands and sing "Kumbaya" while we heal? My prayer, along with 73 Million other Trump supporters, is that your party doesn't destroy our country before we can get it back. Pat, just for your information I won't be doing any singing.

Pat Tally

Just to be clear. Both the Chair of the Victoria County Republican Party and I write a column every month for the Advocate. So everyone knows I’m a Democrat and I don’t expect Republicans go after. Secondly, your d etc ignition of what Democrats believe is your made-up construct not mine. I would never define myself or my party that way. If you would like to write an opinion piece or letter for the Advocate expressing your views, I’m sure they would be glad to print it. I think I was clear in my article that I was talking about Victoria County focusing on Victoria County instead of continuing to argue about national figureheads. Thanks for your input.

Quincy Thompson

Pat, you wrote a column that ask why we are divided and ask for unity but you forgot that your party has divided us with the TDS that it has suffered from. My description of your party was from its platform and mine from the Rep platform. I have said this before but the Dem party that you belonged to years ago no longer exists. I understand the liberal concept in that you were trying to help people, change the world and make it better, as I used to be one. The facts however are that if you don't agree with my description of the Dem party you need to change parties. The points that I made are in the platform if you read it. Pat the "Liberal" concept of our time no longer exists in the Dem party. If you care about people you need to change to the new Republican populist party started by Donald Trump where we need to work for the working class/middle class. He has worked his butt off to bring jobs/manufacturing back for the workers of this country and I am afraid that Biden, whose son has taken millions from the CCP, will send them back to China. With the Progressive/Socialist movement in the Dem party of today, if I read you right, you will be left out.

The second paragraph is my hostility at the corruption in the Dem party where power for power sake is the goal. I believe they will destroy this country, if we cannot stop them, and I believe that they have used mailout ballots and voter fraud to win the election in the "battleground states". After four years of bashing Trump and accusing him of stealing an election I believe they have actually done it. I will not celebrate that effort and I will not forget it!

Allen T Coffey

Mr. Thompson, thanks for the heads up.

Quincy Thompson

Your welcome Allen, I wouldn't want you waiting around for my off key choir voice to kick in. You might be waiting around for a LONG time. LOL

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