Chelsea Howell Garcia

Chelsea Howell Garcia

For many Americans, border security is just another policy issue they follow on the news. For Texans like me who live in border towns, it’s a personal issue that affects the communities we call home. As a result, border residents notice when politicians step up to the plate during times of crisis and even more so when they don’t.

The past eight months at the border have been nothing short of disastrous when compared to recent years, shining a bright light on a border response riddled with incompetency and hypocrisy. More specifically, since Joe Biden took office, over 1.2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border. This is the highest total in two decades. The numbers in August 2021 alone marked a 317% increase over August 2020.

Whether it’s imposing strict COVID-19 mandates on Americans while refusing to enforce the same policies on COVID-positive illegal immigrants, laughing about trips to the border, or presiding over a humanitarian crisis of child abuse and trafficking, Biden and Kamala Harris have repeatedly proven themselves incapable of repairing the crisis they’ve created. They’ve also proven themselves loyal to a self-serving political agenda instead of to the American citizens they’ve sworn an oath to protect.

The crisis that’s unfolded at the border for the nearly 250 days since Biden took office showcases the trend of the Biden administration’s use of sophisticated rhetoric to cover up unsophisticated problems. In February, Jen Psaki referred to the same border facilities Kamala Harris once deemed a “crime against humanity” as “reopening overflow facilities” instead of the infamous “kids in cages” description. This goes to show that the Biden administration only cares about political posturing and avoiding the tough questions posed by both Republicans and Democrats, instead of addressing the American People’s concerns regarding border security, the abuse of migrant children and the spread of COVID-19 at the border.

Biden is marked by a continuous thread of incompetence, and his failed response to key issues hasn’t gone unnoticed by Texas voters. Democrats assume minorities will side with them no matter how incompetent their leadership may be, but more and more Tejanos are showing emphatic support for Republican candidates and the policies they support. In fact, a new poll reveals that 54% of Texas Latino voters disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as president.

Regarding immigration specifically, Texas Governor Abbott’s approval rating is higher than that of President Biden. Forty-seven percent of those surveyed approve of Governor Abbott’s border policies while only 29% approve of how President Biden has handled immigration at the southern border. This poll reflects a clear rejection of Biden’s poor leadership as well as a growing desire for “decisive action” on the border. These Texans add their voices to 26 Republican governors across the nation who have demanded a meeting with Biden to discuss the border crisis.

After eight long months of weakened border security and feckless policies, these immigration issues aren’t going to disappear overnight. The migrant surge in Del Rio is not just a “challenging situation”, as stated by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas; it’s a crisis. As Democrat Mayor Bruno Lozano said back in March, Biden’s botched handling of this crisis in our own backyard is “a slap in the face.” It’s time for Joe Biden to listen to the outcry of his fellow Americans and take decisive action to clean up the mess he made.

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Chelsea Howell Garcia was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. She is a mom, wife, and grassroots conservative. She currently serves as secretary for the Texas Young Republicans.

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Glenn Wilson

Chelsea, your 2nd paragraph is contradictory. First you say, "The past eight months at the border have been nothing short of disastrous...". Then you turn around and say, "... since Joe Biden took office, over 1.2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border. This is the highest total in two decades. The numbers in August 2021 alone marked a 317% increase over August 2020." The Biden administration didn't import them to the border, they apprehended them there. Your statistics indicate a very good thing, not a disaster.

Mary Ann Wenske

This is just what Joe Biden does: creates a problem, thinks he's solved it, and then crow about success. Biden created the crisis at the border. Some of the men and women are coming over here wearing Biden t-shirts. Saying that apprehending that many people at the border is a good thing is ludicrous, as the vast majority of them were caught and released, not sent back. Just like the Afghanistan pullout crisis- create chaos and danger, then crow about what a success it was in the end when it WASN'T. Biden creates chaos and then brags when he says it's solved; the American people know better, and that's why his ratings are tanking and it's not even a year into his presidency.

Glenn Wilson

Mary Ann -- "Saying that apprehending that many people at the border is a good thing is ludicrous, as the vast majority of them were caught and released, not sent back." -- I disagree. Apprehending them IS a very good thing despite whatever the process is that follows. BTW, what's your source of information for "the vast majority of them were caught and released, not sent back"?

Quincy Thompson

Try interviews with the Border Patrol Glenn! The FOX News Network is the only news outlet that is covering this "INVASION"! I wonder why no other networks are looking into what is going on at the border? Oh I forgot, that would mean that they would have to report that their bumbling, incompetent president and his "Border Czar" weren't doing their job!

Quincy Thompson

No Glenn, he did import them when in the debates he said our border should be open and we should welcome all! Some were interviewed who said that "Biden told us we had 100 days to get here"! There were two airplane loads who were set to go back to Haiti and when they were told that they wouldn't be sent back they

got on their phones. The result was 15,000 at the border within days which were shipped all over the country just to get rid of them. Biden swore an oath to uphold the laws of our land and he and his VP are doing the exact opposite. THEY BOTH should be impeached! By the way being apprehended, given a request to report at an office and then shipped into the country is NOT being returned to their country for breaking our laws. You know better than that.

Glenn Wilson

Quincy, I'll have to reply to both your comments in this one space. I wasn't disputing Mary Ann's claim, just asking for the source. As for Fox News, I have no idea what they say about anything. I don't watch TV except for Jeopardy! with dinner. The comments in the VA are as close as I come to media bullshirt, including Faux News. No point in my getting all worked up over something I have absolutely no way to change. Riding my bicycle all over town is a lot more fun. Perhaps when you become a geezer you'll feel the same.[beam]

Quincy Thompson

Glenn, Fox has been the only news organization that has been covering the border. The Biden admin even went so far as to get a ruling that shutdown Fox drone camera flights so the DPS invited them into their chopper so they could get the video coverage. A reported 15,000 Haitians under a bridge at Del Rio was quite a sight. Once word got out about them they were shipped out all over the country in a matter of days with no Covid testing. They shipped a coupe of plane loads backed to Haiti which caused trouble and said problem solved. I used to live and let live but I believe that things have gotten so bad that I am forced to stand my ground for my grandchildren and hopefully great-grands. If the news media would speak truth to power and be honest this wouldn't be necessary but they have all gone left of left and Fox and Newsmax have developed to speak the truth. It does get to me at times and a little Chivas on rocks is required. LOL I probably fit the geezer classification already but I like to go to lease and feed and watch the deer to relax and have fun. Good Nite.

Claudia McCarty

Without solutions, this is just a rant against our President who inherited the problem.

Rick Dockery

Do not complain about our President. Suck it up. He inherited the problem. Make sure you provide him with solutions. Apparently he needs the advice.

Quincy Thompson

When "Bumbling Biden" took office the border was secure with over 20,000 Mexican troops on their side preventing this flood. This was an arrangement Trump had worked out with Mexico and it was working. We were returning people that were apprehended and things were stable. Biden shut all of this down and opened the border for the invasion that is presently going on. This mass, over 2,000,000 total so far this year by best estimate, many of whom are Covid positive have been shipped all over the country. I believe this has been a MAJOR factor in the Covid issue and will destroy the working class wage scale in the long run. So in short Biden inherited a stable situation which was working and managed to turn it into a complete unmitigated disaster overnight and you refuse to even see what he has done.

Quincy Thompson

This is an excellent article that speaks to and screams the truth!!!

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