Patrick Mitchell

Patrick Mitchell

Recently the Democratic Party had several Green party candidates kicked off the ballot in Texas. The Republican Party tried to do the same to several Libertarian Party candidates, but luckily the 3rd Court of Appeals dismissed it.

The Republicans were not satisfied with that and decided to take it to the Texas Supreme Court. Luckily, that failed too, and the Supreme Court voted it down 7-0. Two of the members recused themselves since they are running for re-election against Libertarian candidates.

One of the Republicans involved in that lawsuit is our Congressman Michael Cloud. He was trying to get Libertarian candidate Phil Gray kicked off the ballot. This is just another example of corruption by the two old parties.

The Republicans and Democrats have done everything they can to keep third party candidates like Jo Jorgensen out of the debates by requiring 15% in polls that will not even include her name in them, and Republicans like Michael Cloud tried to get Libertarians kicked off the ballot based on rules that basically do not even apply to Republicans and Democrats.

Those rules involve filing fees. In Texas, a party can be either a primary party or a convention party.

Primary party candidates must pay the filing fees as those fees are intended to cover the expenses of the primary elections. HB2504, which was passed in 2019, forced convention party candidates to pay the same filing fees even though they do not even participate in primaries as they get nominated at a convention.

Primary parties are then eligible for refunds that convention party candidates are not. Libertarians won an injunction against these filing fees last December, so for at least this election they would not have to pay them.

So basically, the two old corrupt parties do not have to pay filing fees and the Libertarians and Greens do, and they waited until the last possible moment to make this challenge for an added layer of shadiness.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court did not give an opinion on these filing fees or the law that imposed them on convention parties, but rather rejected the suit saying it was filed too late. So, I predict the saga of HB2504 is not over yet.

As the great comedian George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

That club is the duopoly of Republicans and Democrats, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep other voices out. It is time to end these kinds of corrupt actions and that will not happen while Republicans and Democrats continue to stay in power, it is time to boot them from office.

Patrick Mitchell is the chair of the Victoria County Libertarian Party and one of the state organizers for the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus. He works as a detailer while also working on a degree in IT. He can be reached at

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Rick Dockery

I read and watch Jorgensen daily. She speaks on the issues. There is no way team red or team blue want her or other parties near their money driven parties. We just have to keep spreading the message of liberty for all to anyone who will listen. This presidential race is a clown show. Whoever wins, we lose. Since what Perot accomplished, they will fight alternate candidates from participating.

Patrick Mitchell

And we will keep spreading that message. The republicrats always tell us its a wasted vote to vote 3rd party, but they don’t understand this is a long term fight for us. We make gains every year and are growing much faster than either of the old parties. They’ll be a day they won’t be able ignore us or keep us out of the conversation.

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