Bill Pozzi

Bill Pozzi

Qassem Soleimani was assassinated by Donald Trump. Many folks on the Democratic side say this is an overreaction by our president, it was uncalled for, a major provocation, Soleimani was not That bad. They felt it was an accelerator of terrible things to come to the United States, because it escalated the tension between the two countries.

The truth is that Soleimani was a real enemy of America. He was responsible for the death of 60 to 2,000 Americans. He was the mastermind of anti-American forces in Iran that would use surrogates to kill Americans, Iraqis and coalition forces to further the expansion plans of the Iranian government.

Just as President Obama took the bold step to assassinate Osama Bin Laden, President Trump eliminated another equally as important enemy with his bold airstrike. I believe this action gave a warning to those forces that take America’s slow or no action, as a pass to keep their violent acts going. Will the enemies of America not think twice in the future before they attack Americans?

Days after the airstrike, Iraq voted in their parliament to have America leave their country. Nothing would make me happier than to leave the Middle East. To what end are we in Iraq?

Thanks to South Texas, we do not need their oil, we do not need them as trading partners, we are spending our money and men in a never ending war, with no strategic gain to America.

President Trump was correct in wanting to pull our troops out before he was elected. Let Europe, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait fight this endless war.

Trump’s brilliance extends to other sectors of the administration. The DOW exceeded 29,000 this week for the first time ever.

Business is booming, people are making money, there are more jobs than job-seekers and minorities have a champion in Donald Trump.

President Obama scoffed at Trump, the candidate, for saying that he could make the economy roar, he could bring back manufacturing jobs, and make America Great Again. Well Trump was right: Things are much better economically in 2020 than they were four years ago.

It is hard to beat full employment, an unprecedented stock market, a foreign policy that has our allies stepping up to increase their defense budgets, and the staring down of an old lingering enemy, Iran.

The Democrats cannot lead in any of these categories. They have to take the low road and drag the nation through a political debacle of an impeachment trial. Was there ever a chance that the Democrats have the 66 votes in the Senate to convict our squeaky-clean President? Of course not.

The Democratic are at their wits end trying to unseat a duly elected office holder, grasping at straws, they drag on the impeachment proceedings. Trouble is now that they have taken this action, political impeachment will become the norm. Watching their debates, it is difficult to see a candidate that will represent the average voter; most of their contenders have a far left agenda, will that play in Peoria?

Trump will weather the impeachment storm, in fact, he will be more popular than ever, Texas will be bright red in November, and the Republicans will take the House, Senate and Presidency.

America will become tired of winning; you can take that to the bank.

Bill Pozzi is the Victoria County Republican Party chairman and a community volunteer. He served in the Vietnam and Iraq wars as a Navy Seal. He may be emailed at

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