Bill Pozzi

Bill Pozzi

I always have a tough time trying to figure what I am voting for when it comes to the propositions.

The state propositions are amendments to the Texas Constitution. Our state’s Constitution has been amended 498 times since its adoption in 1876.

My objective is to make it easy to understand what the proposition is saying. I will make it short and sweet, and hopefully easy to understand. Please read other sources before making your mind up.

Proposition 1 – Permits a person to hold more than one office at a time as a municipal judge.

My vote: Yes

I think that money could be saved by sharing judges, especially in small counties.

Proposition 2 – Issue bonds by the Texas Water Board to develop projects in economically distressed areas.

My vote: Yes

The money would be used to develop water supply and sewer service.

Proposition 3 – The legislature can provide temporary exemption for certain property damaged by a disaster.

My vote: Yes

We had a lot of damage in Victoria with Hurricane Harvey. I am still not finished fixing my property. Why not have a one-time lower tax rate for storm-damaged property?

Proposition 4 – This amendment prohibits an individual income tax.

My vote: Yes

When you read this explanation on the ballot, it is confusing, yes means no Texas state income tax.

We do not need a state income tax in Texas. This amendment requires a 2/3 supermajority of both chambers to be acquired before it goes to voters. This makes it much harder to have a state income tax on the ballot.

Those of you who have lived in the other 41 states that have a state income tax understand the terrible consequences of the tax. I am an economic refugee that came from a state that had a 13.25% income tax; it was the biggest tax item on my paycheck stub.

Did my former state use my money in a way that benefited me or my kids? No. They used it for stupid projects like a high-speed bullet train that started in a nowhere place and went to nowhere.

Save Texas from this insidious fate; vote yes to prohibit this tax. Yes means No.

Proposition 5 – Taxes on sporting goods will go to Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments.

My vote: Yes

The existing tax will go to where it was intended to be sent. You are not taxed any more or any less.

Proposition 6 – Increase by $3 billion the max bond for cancer research.

My vote: No

Should Texas be in the business of cancer research? You decide.

Proposition 7 – Increases $300 million distributions to the available school fund.

My vote: No

Will more money mean better educational outcomes for students? You decide.

Proposition 8 – Provides for creation of flood infrastructure fund to finance flood mitigation and drainage projects.

My vote: Yes

Harvey made me a believer in flood projects.

Proposition 9 – Exempts taxation of precious metal in Texas Depository.

My vote: Yes

If something horrific happens on the world stage and you have your precious metals in a federal or out-of-state depository, will they give you your gold and silver? Let’s keep it in Texas. Local is best.

Proposition 10 – Retiring law enforcement animals can be adopted by qualified caretakers.

My vote: Yes

If you worked with a dog for years and the animal has become part of the family, you should be able to adopt it.

I was surprised how hard it was to get information on the propositions. Please make up your own mind on these amendments.

SOURCES: Republican Party of Texas Website/Elections/2019 Constitutional Election and Focus Report Constitutional Amendments Guide, August 2019

Bill Pozzi is the Victoria County Republican Party chairman and a community volunteer. He served in the Vietnam and Iraq wars as a Navy Seal. He may be emailed at

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George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

Really not that hard to research. LWV has information in the Advocate, but Ballotpedia is also helpful:,_2019

Ron Sandidge

I disagree with your Prop 4 thing. I have friends in Alabama that have better homes than I it better neighborhoods than I, more sq footage and pay $500 a year in property taxes. Texans NEED property tax relief. They have gone NUTS with them. And income tax MANDATED for school usage only would give Texans a much needed relief from outlandish property taxes.

You get a switch out on federal income taxes on it.

With an aging population on fixed income, with people on low income, disabilities high property taxes does becomes a way for the local government to take houses away from them even after they have paid their house off for decades. They just can't come up with 6-8-10-$12,000 of tax money plus regular maintenance cost on a house they OWN. Or are suppose to.

Brian Vandale

Ron, they wouldn't use it for schools. Remember when the lottery was started, it also was to support the education system.

Glenn Wilson

Ron, there's nothing in the proposition that mandates a reduction in property taxes if we agree to a state income tax. We would likely end up with both. Politicians have never seen a tax they didn't like.

Michael Gomez

I don’t agree with all of your choices but I do appreciate your explanation.Great job...Thanks

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