Bill Pozzi

Bill Pozzi

A huge red tide swept over America on Nov. 3, 2020, President Trump was once again victorious.

The Republicans took the House, the Senate and the presidency. The House and Senate recognized this mandate, stopped hand-wringing, assumed a manly posture and straightened out America.

The wall was built from Brownsville to Imperial Beach, Calif. This slowed the flow of immigrants so that the folks here in America will have jobs and a higher standard of living, making more money and a better life.

Obamacare was voted out, and we have Donald Care. The market place will determine the scope of coverage. We will have a system that is fair to patients, doctors and hospitals, there will be guarantee issue, but there will be a limit on the number of times you can drop a policy. Our insurance cost will be driven down by opening the borders of health care and having insurance policies cross state lines. We will be able to buy insurance for specific occurrences, not a policy that covers pregnancy for males or vasectomies for females. We have the option of buying a bare-bones policy for a catastrophic event.

Our economy rebounded, with jobs for everyone, the unemployment rate for minorities is less than 1%. There are jobs, there will be overtime and this allowed South Texans to buy a new pickup or a better home.

The mobs went completely mad, even Democratic cities see that mobs are dangerous. Equal justice will prevail, those burning down police stations were apprehended and charged. The mobs will not rule the streets, and we have law and order.

The Second Amendment is safe and not repealed by executive order. Beto will not come to my house to confiscate my gun. I can still buy ammunition without a permit.

We have left the Middle East, bringing our soldiers and sailors home. We have been fighting there since 2001. It is time to leave those war-ravaged nations and stop spending money we do not have. What are we still doing in Germany and Japan?

The World War II generation has almost died out. Those countries are no longer a threat to us. Let NATO defend Europe, having those countries spend more money on their defense.

A vaccine for the coronavirus was perfected, and we have voluntary inoculation in 2021.

The economy has rebounded, the hunger for goods and service is being satisfied, and there is optimism and property for all. I do not have to wear a mask or face shield; we can shake hands again.

China will continue to be a threat to the free world, but President Trump will stand up to them and keep the sea lanes open, have fair trade deals that favor America and blunt their military expansion. Iran will engage in a war with Israel and be quickly defeated by the Israeli Defense Force.

The free market in the United States has been unleashed, capitalism is triumphant once again, socialism was shown to be the demoralizing, life sucking force of evil that it is.

America is great, again.

Bill Pozzi is the Victoria County Republican Party chairman and a community volunteer. He served in the Vietnam and Iraq wars as a Navy Seal. He may be emailed at

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(8) comments

Alonzo Salazar

What a great America, every thing Trump and his Republicans couldn’t do in his first term.

Willie Ellis

The only question that each voter must ask is “how many more Americans will Trump allow to die from Covid – 19?”. We witness the evidence of Trump’s failed coronavirus response everyday in our own community; sickness, death, loss jobs, business shut downs, food lines, face masks and children can’t go to school.

Glenn Wilson

Willie -- I agree with you and those who think Trump's anemic initial response to the pandemic resulted in Covid-19 infections and deaths that shouldn't have happened. However, your idea that he has the power to prevent deaths but, instead, is "letting" people die is absurd bullshirt.

Glenn Wilson

"letting" people die would have been changed to allowing people to die if we had the ability to edit our comments as Thomas promised twice many moons ago that we would.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Considering the monopoly the GOP squandered for two years, and the results of the midterms, it is more than obvious what is going to happen in November. Rest assured knowing that the New Democratic majorities, will build on what’s working, rather than dismantling everything the previous administration had accomplished. They will also restore and respect America’s checks and balances as well our safety nets. Will taxes go up? Probably so. Can’t print money forever if you want it to be worth anything....Glen Ullman

Brenda Cash

New Democrat majorities? Who are they? You mean BLM and ANTIFA facist who burn, loot, destroy small business? Who defund our law and order agencies while also trying to remove the 2nd amendment and your ability to defend your family? Or perhaps those Socialist who would destroy the economy with banning fracking oil and gas with the Green New Deal with a cost of electricity so high and wealth distribution, and no jobs? Or the New Democrat majorities who would have open borders and give free social services for all illegals while middle class Americans would pay for them? Or is it that Democrat majority who wanted to declare dust on farms a polluent, and tank water as waterways that would belong to the government? Are all those things what you think were working so well to creat Jobs and a strong family unit ? Citizen's are not stupid, they have seen ,recognized and rejected the destructive plans of the Democrat party. Democrats admit they want high taxes to raise revenue rather than a thriving strong economy with jobs for all. All the Democrat Party has to build on are past destructive policies.

Brian Vandale

Brenda, very well stated. Of course the Democrats, will say none of this is true. They'll say go to Fact-Check it's all false. But Fact-Check consists of CNN,MSBNM,ABC,CBS,NewYork Times,Washington Post,Associated Press and others that are all on the Left and Far Left. Of course they'll say it's false, anything the Democrats do is false and anything Trump does or says is true.

Glenn Wilson

...except for anything good or worthwhile.

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