Barbara Breazeale

Barbara Breazeale

Bertha Breazeale, my mom, was a strong woman of God who prayed a lot for others. She taught us to go to the cross when we had problems

As I grew into my “pushy broad” stage, more and more I questioned why bad things happen to good people. I always said that when I get to heaven, God and I are having it out about why he allows children to get cancer. I am sure God is trembling over that prospect.

One of the eulogies I gave was for a friend, Karen Rothring, who died of breast cancer, a mom of two young boys. I did not sleep for days trying to figure out why her and not some creep on death row.

The only thing I could come up with that made any sense to me was that her illness was a catalyst for others to give of themselves and “wise up” to what was important. I saw perfect strangers pray. I saw parents who looked at their children and asked God to be able to raise them. I saw food chains and prayer chains for people who were suffering. I saw married couples realize that life is short and we need to get along and work on our marriage because so many would not have that choice.

Recently, a good friend, Linda Trail, called with the sad news that her 3-year-old grandson, Raymond, had a recurrence of cancer. Why, why, why, God? Hasn’t this little guy been through enough?

Then yesterday, I found out that a friend, Lynette Zeller, is undergoing surgery for the fifth time with cancer. She is amazing woman of God, and I believe she will beat it, but why this wonderful person, God?

Mary Pat Johns is an author and good friend. She and I had lunch, and I had my face in the mashed potatoes over the above two friends and the “why” of it all. She had some amazing insight, and I wanted to share it because it was a “ta-da” moment for me.

Mary Pat looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “It’s the people.” What? Millions have died due to being aborted, and what if God, who purposefully creates all, had ordained that one of those aborted would create a cure for cancer, be another Einstein or Edison or Rembrandt? What if one would have been a teacher who mentored a kid so he does not decide to shoot up a school? What if she would have been a great preacher who saved souls and kept others from hurting people? The “what ifs” are endless.

Could it be that God saw the big picture, but millions aborted his plan? You see, God does not make junk. When he creates a life, whether it is wanted or not, He wants it.

Our nation has taken a serious dark turn playing God and devaluing life. We see the Democratic party upholding abortion even after the child is born. That is murder.

Giving a woman a choice takes all choice away from the person who is aborted.

When you vote, send a message to your party and the politicians that we are a nation that values life.

Barbara Breazeale is married to Bill Pozzi, the mom to four and grandmother to six. She is the advancement director for Victoria House of Palms, P.O. Box 4886, Victoria, TX 77903.

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Michael Gomez

I guess people who write right-wing guest columns are more respected by the Victoria Advocate. They are allowed to spew their RW hatred without a disclaimer.

Whenever I post a blog,the paper goes out of its way to disassociate themselves from my views....Fair enough but excuse me for thinking impartiality is not being followed.

This is the disclaimer that is ALWAYS visible on my blogs.

This blog represents the views of the author alone and not the newspaper.

This content was contributed by a user of the site. If you believe this content may be in violation of the terms of use, you may report it.

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AdvocateEditorialBoard Staff
Victoria Advocate Editorial Board

Mr. Gomez, guest columns all carry disclaimers identifying them as such. We appreciate the contributions of all our readers and seek only to be sure others understand the difference between personal opinion and the institutional voice of the newspaper. This distinction seems more important to make now than ever in this hyperpolarized environment. Thank you for your contributions and for reading.

Michael Gomez

I pulled up the column several times but I’m not seeing the disclaimer like the obvious ones for blogs. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I fully understand it’s her personal opinion. Thanks

Pat Tally

See, folks, I think this is what Mr. Zuckerberg/ Facebook and Congress are debating. If someone puts out a political statements that contain flat out lies should Facebook, or in this case, the Advocate, keep hands off and let the public figure it out. What if some people might not be able to distinguish truth from lies?

In the above piece, Breazeale arrives at the contrived and spurious conclusion that cancer deaths, school shooters and all bad things, most of which have existed since the dawn of man, happen because the United States and, specifically, the Democratic Party supports a woman’s right to choose a legal termination of pregnancy. You can call this a flight of fancy, ignorance, bias, or maliciousness and just blow it off. But it’s just a fancied up lie. There is no such thing as an abortion after being born. Abortion involves an embryo or fetus. Saying the Democratic Party upholds murder is a lie. It cannot be documented by fact and lying reflects poorly on the writer. Lying at all levels does us all a disservice. It keeps us from focusing on the real issues, those that can be proven and substantiated. Let’s play fair and not use lies to confuse those who are struggling to understand the truly complex issues that face humans on this planet today.

Allen T Coffey

Exactly, Pat.

George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

I don't know why there are no paragraphs in this post.

George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

I am sorry for the loss of your friends to cancer just as I am sorry for anyone’s loss to any disease. But, I should point out to you and those who read you column the gross hypocrisy of your column and your positions on “life.” You see, it’s YOUR president and YOUR party committed to killing people. Relevant to your grief over friends suffering from cancer, note that YOUR president’s and YOUR party’s war science and cutting funding for health and medical research will lead to more cancer deaths. YOUR president’s and YOUR party’s commitment to gutting Medicare and Medicaid will hurt the poor and elderly. How’s that for “pro-life.”

YOUR Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. You and your ilk have worked hard to not only gut this community-based health insurance program, but you have lied to mislabel it by claiming it is socialized medicine. What you and your friends call for has caused great harm to the nation. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance found that uninsured, working-age Americans have a 40 percent higher risk of death than their privately insured counterparts, up from a 25 percent excess death rate found in 1993,” According to The Harvard Gazette. “Deaths associated with lack of health insurance now exceed those caused by many common killers such as kidney disease. An increase in the number of uninsured and an eroding medical safety net for the disadvantaged likely explain the substantial increase in the number of deaths, as the uninsured are more likely to go without needed care.”

At the same time, YOUR president has seen that thousands — literally — of children are torn from their parents’ arms and placed in Trumpian concentration camps. Children have died and those who haven’t or won’t will be scarred forever from YOUR “pro-life allies.”

Or, just recently, YOUR president sided with Russia’s dictator Putin to abandon our Kurd allies in Syria resulting in thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of refugees and an impending genocide endorsed by YOUR own John Cornyn.

Let’s add turning loose YOUR corporatist minions of YOUR party to pollute the air and water to inflict on the populace poisons no differently than the mustard gassing in World War I and the poisoning of the people of color in Flint, Mich. That’s YOUR “pro-life.”

Then you use YOUR religion for a red meat throwdown with a clear message: YOUR religion and YOUR president and YOUR party’s interpretation of God and what God wants is the only way for others to live even if they don’t share YOUR views.

You and your husband and YOUR party desecrate the very heart of the U.S. Constitution. You are greedy, cynical, allied with racists and traitors and are complicit in the very treason YOUR president is committing. You are no more pro-life that Hitler was toward the Jews, gypsies and Catholics.

I hate spending my time writing this, but if no one stands up to your right-wing lies, you’ll get away with thinking you represent more people that you really do. In short, as Dag Hammarskjold wrote, “The madman shouted in the marketplace and no-one stopped to answer him. Thus it was confirmed that his thesis was incontrovertible.”

Allen T Coffey

Exactly, George.

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