Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

I was doing volunteer work at one of three locations in Kolkata, India, for Mother Teresa. I had completed my morning shift and had gone to a plaza downtown to eat lunch and to take photos. What I witnessed next will haunt me for the rest of my life.

When I first noticed her, she was about 20 feet from me, crawling on her stomach, the crowd was stepping aside to let her pass through as she approached me.

I judged her to be Indian approximately 20 years of age, weighing about 80 pounds. She wore a blouse and a long skirt and no shoes. She had brown hair, some of which partially covered her face.

I watched as she clawed the pavement with her hands and fingers — which had to be bloodied, until she was out of sight.

Only then did I hire a cab and went to the Mother House reporting what I had witnessed to a nun.

Within minutes, she returned with a man and woman who spoke Hindi and was familiar with where the plaza was located.

They looked for three hours and the woman could not be found. I went back for two more days and did not find her.

I later wondered about where she had come from. Where she was going. Had she been injured, was she in pain, was she ill, was she hungry, could she speak? Was she a Leper?

What was her name?

There were over 100 people on that plaza and not a single person inquired about her well-being.

I think each and every one of us failed miserably in not helping this lady.

When she and I meet in the spirit-world at a point outside of time, I, for one, will offer my sincere apology.

Don Jank, Victoria

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