Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

I am a United States Air Force veteran. I was deployed to Morocco and left my wife and 1-year-old daughter. When I came back, my daughter didn’t know me. she called me “The man.”

I didn’t make the ultimate sacrifice, but I served my country proudly and honorably.

I want Trump and Republicans to know that I am neither a “sucker” or “loser.”

Benito Hernandez Jr., Victoria

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Steve Fiedler

Thanks again qt for your comments always inciteful, thoughtful, thorough and bold. We must always call out the perfidious evil that is blm inc. and the easy marks who either dont know its destructive goals, or conveniently overlook them, or are in lockstep with the violence it perpetrates.

Willie Ellis

Thanks Mr. Hernandez for your service and courage. What makes’ America great is the young men and women who volunteer to serve in our military.

It must be heartbreaking for families of the fallen and for the wounded veterans and their families to have voted for a president who refers to those who serve, the fallen and wounded as “suckers” and “losers”.

Ron Sandidge

Thank you for your service. But Trump never said that, you need to change the channel away from Fake News channels. There is not one single factual source of any person who heard him say this. Anonymous is not a source.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Ron, I think most of his supporters hope he really didn’t say that, unfortunately it fits his character based on what we all have heard, and continue to hear....Glen

Ed Ferrell


It truly is anonymous

Glen or Janice Ullman

Hats off to you and all who have stood for America. Thanks...Glen Ullman

Quincy Thompson

Glen, first you call me unreasonable, then you take your hat off to me. Interesting but thank you anyway. Really though, to you and Mr. Ellis, we present documented evidence of events or actions of the left, often in audio or video recordings, and you refuse to believe them. You then have one left wing rag of a magazine say something, based on an anonymous source, and because you think it fits a personality you take it as gospel and pronounce it to the world as truth! Ron and Ed are right it is based on one anonymous source with no support and it has been refuted by many people who have been around the President and said it never happened! John Bolton, not a great friend of Trump, said it never happened. I can deal with anything if I know that it is based on facts and truth but I worry about our country when one side doesn't seem to want to maintain that same standard in its obsessive drive for power.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Quincy, I don’t remember calling you unreasonable, but I do question all that still support Trump after all he has said and done to divide us. Most Americans see who has an obsessive drive for power, and is willing to say anything, and blame anyone to deny his shortcomings....Glen Ullman

Quincy Thompson

Glen, Sept 5 you thanked Pat for her efforts to reason with the unreasonable and since I am the opposition I figured it had to be me. I take no offense with it however and in fact I wear it as a badge of honor because if totally disagreement with the path and programs of the Democratic Party and the platform of the DNC makes one unreasonable sign me up! Glen in 2016 the Dems gave me a choice between possible the most corrupt politician ever and a business man and since I was tired of being sold down the river by politicians I chose the businessman. My son talked me into supporting him, possibly the best decision I have ever made. Trump has proven to be a president for all America with his policies on the economy, trade, military and international relations. He isn't a normal politician, that is true, but after watching politicians lie to me for years I will stand by him and his mannerisms. I question how you can look at the direction the Democratic party is going and continue to support it. Did you notice the silence from the Dems over the shooting, nay the attempted assassination, of the two deputies? The Dems are so stupid over the BLM narrative which has gone crazy that when the protesters were calling for them to die not a word was said. Glen if you will really look at the policies that Trump supports he hasn't divided the country, he is trying to do what is best for the country, especially for the dying middle class which the Dems have abandoned. I have found more true empathy in Trump for this country than I have seen in years. It is the hatred of Trump that has divided us and the Marxist have filled the void because they want to destroy this country.

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