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Editor, the Advocate:

The media has been negligent in informing voters about one particular issue. The Democrat running for the Texas 27th US Congressional District seat, Ricardo “Ricky” De La Fuente, is not a Texan; he is a Californian.

His wealthy businessman father, Roque (Rocky) De La Fuente, is on a quest to create a political dynasty for his family. In 2018, he was on primary ballots in California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wyoming and Washington.

Ricky’s brother, Rocky III, was in primaries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, New Hampshire, Texas, and Utah.

Ricky was on the ballot in Texas and Florida.

How many states do these De La Fuente men reside in? They targeted Texas, particularly the 27th district, because the minority is the majority. They put their wager on Hispanics voting for a Hispanic name because of identity politics. They unfortunately were right.

Although Ricky says he desires to represent Hispanics, please bear in mind that his mother is Iranian. Do not support the wealthy de la Fuente family who want a political dynasty for themselves. By-pass this Californian and vote for Michael Cloud – a true Texan who understands and supports Texas and Texans.

Susan Whitefield, Victoria

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Allen T Coffey

Michael Cloud isn't from Texas either. He was born in Louisana and graduated from High School in Ohio. Neither of those locations are Texas.

Note the following from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774-to Present:

Cloud, Michael, a Representative from Texas; born in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, La., May 13, 1975; graduated from Miamisburg High School, Miamisburg, Ohio, 1993; B.S., Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Okla., 1997; communications director; business owner; elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Fifteenth Congress, by special election, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of United States Representative Blake Farenthold, and reelected to the succeeding Congress (June 30, 2018-present).

Here's the link if you don't believe me:


Glen or Janice Ullman

Good info Allen. He stepped right in where Farenthold left off. Cloud lost me when he set on his hands while Trump welcomed him and the 2018 congress with a government shutdown over a stupid wall in the desert. He probably learned the ropes watching the other unTexan Ted Cruz who shutdown the government over the budget deficit that he now decides doesn’t matter anymore. Cut taxes and spend money, and with their voodoo, the debt magically goes away. The whole party needs to be wiped clean...Viva De Fuente... I don’t know you but you have my vote...Glen Ullman

Quincy Thompson

Glen you are interesting, you don't care about debt while Dems are in power but blame us for increasing debt with stimulus spending to help the people during this time. Meanwhile Nancy is trying to add trillions to package to bail out NY and Cal which are in trouble due to decades of mismanagement and because its a Dem idea you are good. Now you want to elect someone who lives in Cal to be our rep over someone who lives, works, owns business, raises his family and pays taxes here just because he has a D by his name. And YOU say you want to wipe OUR party clean!

Glen or Janice Ullman

Quincy you are interesting too, your my neighbor, and I appreciate swapping opinions. It seems, however, your trying to tell me what my opinions are. I care very much about the debt. I have voted democratic, because their math is much more legible than that of the republicans and their voodoo theories. I hate taxation as much as you, but ultimately our grandkids are going to have to pay the piper, and your party has no intention of mentioning the T word, except to promise more tax cuts and continue defunding and dismantling our safeguards including the CDC. I’m sure you recall the stimulation Obama’s administration provided to aid the recovery from George W’s economic crisis. The stimulation your party likely considered to be an unnecessary socialist scheme. Trumps stimulus, however, you now except as a noble American thing to do. California and New York have been both red and blue over the years, and I’m sure you do realize that all political parties are present and supported in all 50 states, and they all deserve equitable support in fighting Trump’s virus, and his lackluster response to it. His answer to the virus is go catch it and ask for the presidential treatment, and he’ll pay for it, with our grandkids money of course. As far as Cloud goes, I’m not voting for him because he has Trump by his name. I’m sure he’ll win, with him representing the most gerrymandered little slice of Texas, but I think he will be crawfishing on his Trump support in the not to distant future. The GOP had the Trifecta and were found lacking during the midterms, and it definitely has not got any better. Save our country, and vote Trump out, your grandkids will thank you for it, and I know I will...Glen

Quincy Thompson

Glen we have found something that we are in agreement on. I don't like the national debt either and I also worry about how this will affect our grandkids. We do disagree on how we have gotten it and how to address it. George W's economic crisis needs to be discussed at a later date but he didn't cause it. It was because under Dem leadership Fany May and Freddy Mac gave loans to people who couldn't pay them and the house of cards failed. The debt under Obama went from 10 to 20 Trillion with high taxes. Under Trump its about 3 Trillion because of the stimulation package but Nancy wanted 2 Trillion more so who is to fault. I do like lower taxes believing it stimulates the economy and produces more revenue and thus taxes. I don't and never have liked the free give away stuff because that is not the way I was raised and don't believe it is this country. Some years ago in Florida they placed an excise tax on luxury yachts and the wealthy said no and stopped buying them. Thousands of workers were laid off and the boat building economy crashed. It took several years for it to rebuild after they repealed the tax. Taxes have effects on things and it usually is to slow things down and that hurts the lower levels the most. The best thing we can do for all is to get the economy revved up and that is what we had going before the China Virus. Its not Trumps and the Dems have blasted him for what he has done but he followed the Doctors guidance to shutdown the country. I listened to Biden a while back while he gave his plan on the virus and every thing he said he would do had already ben done by Trump. Has he changed his plan? As to NY and Cal they haven't been red since Regan in Cal and I have no idea in NY but its been a very long time. These states are still closed down because they want to hurt Trump and because of this and mismanagement I don't want the rest of the country to bail them out! I remember a Bush that said no new taxes but tried to work with Dems and after passing them they used it to bash him. Sorry Glen but I don't trust the Dems and with Nancy working on 25th amendment commission I think Biden is toast if elected and you know where that would lead!

Rick Dockery

He lives here and has for awhile. This De la Fuente guy is just looking to get elected somewhere. I know he’s a democrat, but come on, that’s the best they can roll out there. Cloud by 70%

Glen or Janice Ullman

Rick, I think Rick De La Fuente is an independent in democratic clothing, which is A-OK with me. He can introduce his opinions in Congress, and by consensus his opinions will be weighed just like everyone else’s. He can move to Texas just like Cloud and Cruz did. Hopefully he wouldn’t enable a disastrous president like Cloud, Cruz, Cornyn, etc.,etc. etc....Glen

Rick Dockery

I own a few rent houses in different counties. I wonder if I could run in those counties. Just a question. I guess so. Not that I’m really against that. You speak as if Mr. Cloud just moved here. He’s been here a good while. I get it policy wise to not vote for him. I would just prefer a democratic candidate that was here a bit longer. Cruz has been in Texas a long time. Graduated high school here. He’s an immigrant. I’m sure if he was a democrat he would be held as an example of the American dream. Now, policy wise, I get why people would not want to vote for him, but the argument that he is not from here is of little importance.

Quincy Thompson

Allen, Mr. Cloud lives here, has a business here, is raising his family here, pays taxes here and his wife is from Texas I believe! The Dem lives in California, pays no taxes here, has no ties to us and is trying to use the system for personal empowerment! Mr. De Fuente needs to take his Dem ideas and failed policies and go back to his failing state!

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