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Editor, the Advocate:

In response to the letter soliciting passage of the “For the People Act” (H.R.1/ S.R.1); the Act is actually one of the most extreme voter reform bills that fundamentally change how America conducts elections. It concentrates voting controls into the hands of Washington bureaucrats; and in effect, moves America another step closer to becoming a one-Party socialist system.

H.R.1/S.R.1 is an attempt by the radical left-wing faction in our Congress to federalize and micromanage U.S. elections by imposing state mandates and undermining election integrity for the foreseeable future. While described as an anti-corruption reform resolution, the 791-page package is primarily a universal mail-in voting law that erodes all 50 states’ authority to regulate voter registration.

Among its many provisions, perhaps the most contentious is that the Act prohibits states from determining the qualifications and eligibility of their voters and from systematically purging their voter rolls to reduce the opportunity for fraud. Every state would be required to send mail-in ballots to every person on their government databases who requests to receive one, no matter who they are, where they are, how they got here, or whether they are eligible to vote. The Act allows all individuals, as opposed to citizens, the opportunity to vote absentee without any form of identification other than signing a statement you are who you say you are. Should the H.R.1/S.R.1 become law, we can expect more no-fault mail-in voting, more ballot harvesting, more corruption, more chaos at the polls, and less election integrity.

Our Constitutional Republic has endured for more than 240 years based on the consent of the governed. That consent is grounded in the confidence we Americans have in the legitimacy of our institutions of government; the most fundamental being a system of free, honest, open, and fair elections. Every “eligible” citizen regardless of their race, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, income, or party deserves the opportunity to have their voice heard. Any erosion in that foundation jeopardizes the stability of our republic and must not be tolerated. Those cherishing the right to “legally” vote and wanting assurance their vote actually means something need to study all the provisions of H.R.1/S.R.1.

Then, contact those in Washington elected to represent us, and tell them to oppose passage of this scurrilous legislation.

Bobby Whitefield, Victoria

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(4) comments

Glen or Janice Ullman

The subject should be, how do we take the simple process of one vote per registered voter, and make it easier, cheaper, and safer for all. All states need to understand that if they try and complicate this simple process, our federal government and the majority of it’s people are going to hold them accountable…Glen

Mike Gomez

Great point Glen

Claudia McCarty

Necessary not scurrilous. Fear won't work when seeking equality. Move forward.

Mike Gomez

I would be willing to bet your 10 cents to my dollar that the author of this letter hasn’t read a line of HB1 or “For the People Act.” He found all his material from right-wing sources exaggerating the details of the bill.

I prefer the John Lewis Voting Rights Act because it will be easier to pass.

Back to For the People Acts: I challenge anyone to find the section that calls for a universal mail-in voting law.

The author says that the Act allows non-citizens to vote absentee without showing voter ID…non-citizens cannot vote in federal elections. That’s been an RW myth for decades. Btw,I haven’t shown an ID for the 10-years I have been voting mail-in. What the House bill allows is for the eligible voter to present a statement “signed by the individual under the penalty of perjury, attesting to their identity. That’s always been the provisional ballot. It now makes it unlawful to interfere from registering or prevent another person from aiding another personal who abides by the above conditions.

The bill prevents a political voter suppression tactic called “voter caging” which prevents states from sending mass mailings to registered voters then remove or challenge those mailings that were undeliverable.

I can understand why Republicans don't want to remove gerrymandering and are against preclearance laws.

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