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Editor, the Advocate:

In reality the coup started before the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party paid for a fake “dossier” provided by Christopher Steele, a British secret agent. The dossier was presented to a FISA court, claiming Trump-Russia ties, to derail the election of Donald Trump.

After the election, Democrats continued efforts to deter and impeach a duly- elected president.

First it was that Trump “colluded” with the Russians to win the election. Top officials in the FBI and Justice Department, as well as Cabinet members participated in this endeavor (Page, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey). Robert Mueller was selected to investigate the supposed collusion. Then it was obstruction, and after two years and spending about $25 million, Mueller found no collusion or obstruction that was indictable.

Now disappointed, Democrats in the House want their own investigations. Congressman Al Green of Texas first called for impeachment four months into Trump’s presidency May 2017. Green has filed for impeachment four times. Green said we have to impeach him or he will win in 2020. Maxine Waters has called for Trump’s impeachment regularly.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has now started an impeachment inquiry but a closed inquiry with no Republicans present. The power to impeach in the Constitution is given to the House of Representatives, not a particular party but the House as a whole. Then a trial is held in the Senate. In this closed inquiry there is no due process, the right of Republicans to call witnesses, cross examine, etc. Pelosi doesn’t want a House vote because some of the new Democrats in Congress were elected in districts Trump won in 2016. It is also possible she doesn’t have enough votes.

In short, Democrats haven’t done anything for the last three years except try to deter and impeach a duly- elected president, which is not what they were elected to do. Trump has jump-started the economy, reduced unemployment, and is building a border wall to limit illegal immigration.

In reference to Mark Walters letter published Oct. 16, on what is dividing the country, his rant is a prime example of why there is division. Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as deplorables, Walters refers to us as sycophants.

I don’t care how Trump combs his hair or how he communicates. I care about what he is doing positive for America.

John Price, Victoria

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Glen or Janice Ullman

There is no shortage of conspirators / Trumpeters here in Gerrymanderville, but luckily there seems to be an uptick in the fact checkers. Glen Ullman

Michael Gomez

I can understand the author using the word coup as a headline grabber but the rest of his letter is just typical right-wing talking points that you can hear on 24/7 hate radio.

Let’s start the author’s use of the word coup. Coup: “a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.” …Google

Let’s start with that Steele Dossier: “Who paid for it?

During the Republican primaries, a research firm called Fusion GPS was hired by The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, to unearth potentially damaging information about Mr. Trump. The Free Beacon — which was funded by a major donor supporting Mr. Trump’s rival for the party’s nomination, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida — told Fusion GPS to stop doing research on Mr. Trump in May 2016, as Mr. Trump was clinching the Republican nomination.

After Mr. Trump secured the nomination, Fusion GPS was hired on behalf of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the D.N.C. by their law firm, Perkins Coie, to compile research about Mr. Trump, his businesses and associates — including possible connections with Russia. It was at that point that Fusion GPS hired Mr. Steele, who has deep sourcing in Russia, to gather information. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/25/us/politics/steele-dossier-trump-expained.html....... Btw Mueller said that according to an FBI memo, a sitting president cannot be indicted.

Anyone who understands just a little bit of politics knows it’s Articles of Impeachment until Nancy Pelosi says it is; regardless of who else submitted them.

I believe if you read today’s Advocate inline comment section, a detailed explanation of the legal depositions (which btw, were written by Republicans) you will find how wrong you are.

Really! Hillary calling Trump supporters “deplorables” is what started our division. She later apologized, unlike the president. Have you seen a Trump rally? The other day the president tweeted: “The Never Trumper republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our country than the Do-Nothing Democrats. Watch out for them, they are human scum.” …Just as long as you get your wall. everything is cool.

George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

Maybe someone let Mr. Price get to his keyboard before taking his meds.

Pat Tally

That Price is able to say, with a straight face I would suppose, that Republicans are excluded from the impeachment process puts a huge credibility stain on the premise of his letter. Even Fox and Friends has agreed the process is one created by past Republican members. The Committee itself, though meeting in private, has a bipartisan membership and members of the House Oversight Committee can have access. Here is a 17 page explanation of the impeachment process from the House itself If anyone is interested: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R45769.pdf#page17

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