Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

It is hard to believe but the Democratic Party is intent on destroying America. This is not the Democratic Party when I grew up in the 1940’s and 50’s. They have been hijacked by the radical left.

First, they shut down the Keystone pipeline, eliminating 11,000 jobs initially. Possibly several times that amount when you consider all the people that supply materials needed to support this project. America was energy independent for the first time in years, but now we will depend on countries that don’t like us, and they will prosper. The pipeline was shutdown supposedly to move toward the “green new deal.”

Our southern border was closer to being secure for the first time, but wall construction has ceased, losing more jobs and making us less secure as a nation, and easier for the drug cartels to function. Payment for the contracts to build the wall will still have to be honored.

America takes in about 1 million people a year through legal immigration. This open border allows people, some who tested positive, and others who were not tested, to be dispersed throughout the United States. They have jumped in line in front of people waiting to enter America the legal way. These illegal immigrants should be dumped in Washington, D.C., and not in our states. Taxpayers will have to foot the cost of schooling, medical care, food stamps, etc. You don’t have a nation if you don’t have a secure border.

The United States Debt Clock is ticking, currently at $ 28 trillion. If you want to pay off a $1 trillion debt by paying $1 million a day, how long would it take? Would you guess 2,800 years? Yes, that long. The Democratic house passed an almost $2 trillion supposedly COVID-19 relief bill. Only about 9% of the bill will actually go to COVID-19, 91 % will go to Democrat wasteful projects. We are already drowning in debt that we cannot pay back. Now they want a $3 trillion infrastructure bill, again not much infrastructure, more green new deal, etc. I think they want to bankrupt the country causing a depression, making it necessary for you to take a handout which will give them control. It is evident they want total control, just look at the HR-1 bill that just passed the house.

John Price, Victoria

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(4) comments

Claudia McCarty

Ah yes the Democratic Party of the 40's and 50's in South Texas -Home of the KKK.

Mike Gomez

According to a The Hill article on Jan 7, 2021, “at least 6 GOP legislators took part in the Trump-inspired protests.” It was Mitch McConnell himself who said Trump certainly had a hand in inspiring his supporters to attack the Capitol, injuring 140 police officers and killing one police officer. Were my eyes lying to me or did I not see the domestic terrorists wearing MAGA hats, Trump T-shirts, and using Trump flags to destroy and injure anything that got in their way, they even wanted to hang VP Mike Pence and kill Nancy Pelosi. The alleged are now engaged in asking for plea deals. Read some newspapers and watch the videos. The reason the terrorists were there was to stop the certification of the votes which by any standard is “driving policy “, in fact, that is some are being charged with.

No doubt, Democrats and other Americans were horrified when we saw the images of George Floyd being murdered by a police officer. Yes, we sympathized with those protesting another unarmed black man being murdered at the hands of the police. A poorly worded slogan “defund the police” was promoted by the protesters. I say poorly worded because it gave the right the window to say the left wanted to eliminate the police. That was a local issue, not a federal one.

Those who throw political spaghetti against the wall hoping something will stick don’t use a lot of researched facts to back up their claims. Let me give some examples: Sanctuary cities sprung up in the 1980s where American churches would take in the undocumented to help them from being deported. Today, it’s more about local law enforcement unable to afford to house the detained until ICE gets around to receiving them. If you remember the images of Elian Gonzalez being seized shocked America, I can only imagine the horror if ICE started raiding churches.

The right-wing boogieman “the Green New Deal” is just that. It’s a NON-BINDING resolution, a vision, a wish list, or a starting point to fight climate change. It’s not a bill.

Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful lawmaker in Washington who has stood up to presidents, and opponents, whether they be in the opposition or her own party. The idea that she is beholden to anyone is ludicrous.

President Joe Biden overwhelmingly won the nomination of his party and won the presidency the same way. You can see the way Joe will govern by looking at the cabinet members he has chosen. Joe has been in politics as a Democrat since 1972, as his own man.

It’s funny how the author said the Democratic Party has been taken over by the radical left without looking within. ...They never post links or facts just Fox talking points.

Mike Gomez

It wasn’t 800 left-wing radical Democrats who attacked our Capitol. We don’t have a QAnon supporter in Congress. I guess the $1.9 trillion tax cut for the rich didn't grow the debt.

Mary Ann Wenske

Those alleged 800 don't drive policy for the Republican Party. The summer rioters, along with their sympathizers and protectors who are the defund the police crowd, the sanctuary city promoters, and the Green New Dealers, DO drive policy for the Dems. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are beholden to the radicals in their PARTY and the recent executive orders and policy demonstrate that.

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