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Editor, the Advocate:

Although the coronavirus has adversely affected American lives, there is another issue which may even be worse. This destructive force is the radical socialist controlled Democrat Party. They are determined to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election and will do anything, legal or illegal to accomplish their goal.

Following is a review of some reprehensible strategies the Democratic/Socialist Party will use to defeat Trump. They will blame Trump for mishandling the virus problem and recommending reopening the economy prior to the availability of a cure/vaccine. Some Democratic Governors/Mayors have used their political status in an abusive and nonessential manner to curb virus spread and are resisting reopening our economy. This is a political ploy to worsen the economy as much as possible before the election.

To gain political advantage, Nancy Pelosi and radical House of Representatives Democrats/Socialists have passed a three trillion dollars virus related bill called the “Hero Act.” This bill represents a Democrat wish list of many pet items not directly related to the virus issue and is not economically feasible or realistic. Nancy Pelosi knows the senate will not approve the bill so she will tell naive Americans that the Republicans don’t care about average Americans.

In addition, Nancy Pelosi recently established a new house oversight committee to investigate how the virus problem was handled by the Trump Administration. She did this even though oversight committees already exist in the House. She selected seven Democratic House members to serve on the committee who just happen to be the most radical socialist House members who hate Trump. She did allow five Republicans to join the committee if they so desire. It appears obvious that any report developed by this committee will contain the most bias, misleading and taken out of context information possible to be used against Trump.

It is obvious Democrats will politicize the virus problem in order to discredit Trump.

Allen J. Novosad, Edna

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George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

We see this guy's dreck once a month and, as usual, it is obviosly a screed of right-wing lies. Why do you even publish this drivel? What purpose does it serve? What does it advance?

Henry Pongratz

they publish yours! why not his? is your left wing lies more important?

Brian Vandale

Henry I agree with you. Anything George writes is the truth, because it is always left winged. He says he throws shade on both sides, but it's always from the left side.

Glenn Wilson

George -- For you "right-wing" and "lies" is redundant. If the article contains lies, as you claim, feel free to correct them, specifically, point by point, not just some vague rant. Waiting...

Mike Gomez

Glenn,I realize your comment was aimed at George but no one has an obligation to participant in a fruitless exercise in futility. Sometime a small comment of frustration will suffice. That particular author monthly letters are vague rants and a carbon copy of his previous month babble...I get it, Some columns,blogs,and letter need a line by line difference of opinion but some need to be ignored or be given a short note of disapproval or mockery...jmo

Glenn Wilson

Mike, if Mr. Novosad's current letter contains lies, as charged by George, then what better forum than this is there to demonstrate the truth and put Mr. Novosad in his place? Sarcasm and insults, pretty much George's entire inventory, but no substantiating facts, links etc make a very weak case and sound more like a Trump tweet than actual intelligence or knowledge.

Glen or Janice Ullman

I think the democrats believe that a president that’s been impeached by the people’s majority has no credit left to dis....Glen

Willie Ellis

Donald J. Trump has allowed a “Democratic Hoax” to kill more than 100,000 Americans. History will get it right – Trump’s the blame!!!

Henry Pongratz

what should he have done?

Mike Gomez

Glenn,You don’t put a person like Mr.Novosad in his place bye pointing out his lies,exaggerations and myths because they have no shame.

Like I stated ,I choose to ignore Novosad and consider the source but George’s short rebuke is not bad...IMO

Glenn Wilson

Mike, that's exactly the approach I should take with George; consider the source and move on.

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